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Posted by Noisy Phanpy (Member # 2394) on 12-28-2001, 01:42 PM:
***Item Clause

Jolteon -->
Baton Pass
@Miracle Seed
Trying something new, for a change. The explanation is shown below.
(As for HP-Grass, I lack a Grass attacker, and if a Rhydon is my opponent's starter, wouldn't you just love to strike it with a devious Special attack which also has super effectiveness on it? unfortunately, it doesn't KO Rhydon with a single hit, but it does with Miracle Seed!).

Togetic -->
Future Sight
With 1 Agility, Togetic is almost faster than anyone, obviously.. (it's still annoying that Crobat, Aerodctyl, Jolteon, Mewtwo and Electrode still strike first.. but what's 2 Agilitys for?).
Now, Togetic can just watch the battle (while Protected) and decides whether it's time to Encore, Flamethrower, Future Sight or to stay protected. Remember, it strikes first, which gives me THE advntage. If the last move that was used is a waste for the opponent to use it again, Encore it is!
Future Sight isn't really bad if Protect combines with it, simple.. Future Sight has nothing to do with Type Match Up or STAB, and Togetic has decent Spc.Atk, if Flamethrower has a little effect on the opponent, I just rather use Future Sight and a bunch of Protects, now wouldn't I?
Flamethrower is for SOME attacking, can be rather useful.
Miracleberry is there in a case of a problem.

Misdearvus -->
Pain Split
Confuse Ray
Shadow Ball
@Quick Claw
Again, something new. I don't like Perish Trapping, makes the battle rather useless with no excitment, whatsoever, or enjoyment, for that matter.
Shadow Ball is still benefited out of STAB, in fact, Flareon's is just a bit more stronger. With Decent Speed, Confuse Ray, and Quick Claw Misdearvus will most likely manage to pull the Endure+Pain Split combo.

Celebi -->
Heal Bell
Celebi isn't cheap, if you can't agree on that, at least agree that this set isn't, for the sake of it! Just there to sweep a few Psychics, or Ancientpower, if the Batlle Screen shows otherwise.
It's good to pack a Mysteryberry with a Heal Beller, and if it's your lucky day, better feed it with some PP Up's, never hurts.
Also, recovery is like a candy for an hungry Snorlax. After all, I want to stay awake when those evil status changers are making their move.

Politoed -->
Again, Perish Trapping isn't my game.
With his great Spc.Def and below average Defense, Politoed should stay alert for a Physical attacker.
Counter which is really un-predictable on it, is the best way to handle those MEAN, MEAN, MEAN Machamps, or whatever you like it to be.
Earthquake beats Electric types, and Haze just bring those Scizors or their fellow friends back to their normal status, as they should be.
Why no Ice Beam? don't exactly have the spot, besides, I have two Fire attackers, Grass Pokemon are not exactly a problem.

Rapidash -->
@Mint Berry
Rapidash, with a STABbed Flamethrower and a Return with maximum happiness coming from a physical attacker with the Attack stat of 298 is rather a soild attacker.
Substitute, with Rapidash's great Speed, allows it to be fairly useful in battle. Not to mention Rapidash has preety much average Defenses and HP.
While protected, I can Rest freely, but I can never be certain, can I? so the Mint Berry is just in it's place. Still needs a good night sleep? the Substitute broke? then why wouldn't I just sent out Heal Belling Celebi! (not as easy as it may seem, but with open mind, it is possible).

Quick and intelligent rates would be highly appreciated.

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Posted by Pokemaniac Will (Member # 2395) on 12-28-2001, 05:22 PM:
Jolteon: An Agility Passer Jolteon isn't new, a lot of people use it. This is pretty standard.

Togetic: Char...coal? ::Slap:: Are you on some kind of new allergy medication? Give it a Scope Lens! Lose Fire Blast for Flamethrower, Togetic doesn't have the staying power to miss.

Misdreavus: Poifect! I'm glad that some people appreciate the fact that Misdreavus can use Shadow Ball!

Celebi: Good. Celebi ain't cheap, even though people think so. HP-Grass is an option over Ancientpower, you can go up to 105 with STAB and you lack Grass moves...Even if you do put one on, use HP-Grass, Giga Drain is horribly weak.

Politoed: Poifect! I use this same Politoed on my team, only I use Ice Beam instead of Earthquake because it has nice Special Attack but below average Attack.

Rapidash: Sub isn't gonna solve all your problems. Au contraire it won't last very long, so replace it with Reflect for it's crappy 238 Defense.

Posted by Uohciretsam (Member # 2428) on 12-28-2001, 06:25 PM:
Pokemaniac Will thinks that it's easy to get a 70 power HP Grass on a Celebi...
Use Giga Drain if you want a Grass move, at least you have a little recovery...
Posted by Cesar (Member # 529) on 12-28-2001, 08:13 PM:
HP Water over HP Grass on Jolteon.

If your togetic is going to psychup swords dance, then your just confusion bait

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Posted by Pokemaniac Will (Member # 2395) on 12-28-2001, 08:23 PM:
I suggested HP-Grass because I'm used to mIRC, if not than he should just stick with Ancientpower since Giga Drain bites. You won't get much recovery since you heal with half the damage done, and Giga Drain won't do a lot.
Posted by Noisy Phanpy (Member # 2394) on 12-29-2001, 01:53 AM:
Ok, I edited the team a bit.

Pokemaniac Will, what I meant is that I'm not used to the Passing Jolteon, I would probably wouldn't use it if wasn't for Togetic.

No thank you, Rapidash's Spc.Def is just a bit higher than it's Defense, and with such a low HP...

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