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Posted by Frogjedi (Member # 772) on 12-27-2001, 08:43 PM:
Ok I haven't done this in a long while and so using the pokemon I have currently in my cart, i have concoct.....made a team. First I have to tell you that I am running without a way to trade back and that means no PS2 or any gamelink cables. I am running low on TM's too.
Here goes.

Perish Song

Amazingly I had a perish song wiggly . Go figure. I have tested this one out on mIRC and have seen it work wonders on many other teams out and about. Usually it can prlz at least 2 pokes before having to die. It truly is the ultimate in breaking bpssing chaings. . I love this sexy bitch.

Sunny Day

Took me a while to breed this guy. I had him as a starter but I'm gonna try out wiggly on this team.

Light Screen

Ok I know Light screen isn't a big use on it, but if I use him for some quick pseudopassing of his paralysis support it should help. And besides, I had this guy for a while and I needed a use for him. A helpful Sunny Day is also helpful to my Firepunch. Too bad I'm too lazy to retrain one to have Reflect. I know I know....Thunder....Leave me alone. I have my pathetic reasons you know.

@King's Rock

Haven't quite decided what to put on it. I'm still debating this one. I was thinking of putting another Mircacleberry but I'm preparing for Item Clause.

------My Tanks------

Without a heal beller I needed to keep safeguard on him. It helps with cancelling Outrage's side effects. A STAB 90 power attack isn't bad. Wingattack w/ Sharpbeak is mainly just to rid me of Machamp who is a threat to my Wiggles, Snors, and everyone else who is weak to rock and Earthquake. He hazes and basically pseudos a safeguard once in a while.


I've had this one for the longest time on my cart and he has lasted me for so long on my mIRC team. He has taken down whole teams before. My missy slaughterer as well as my Psychic terminator. Slowkings/Jynxs/ & Exeggutors haven't survived this guy. I've taken down many o' M2s also.

Pokemon on my sideline at L100 are:
Donphan (I'll use him if I run into a Tyranitar or Spike team that is just plain annoying.
...and some other ones.

I decided to leave many of them off because of my major Ice weakeness and various other reasons.

Rate away and feel free to input insults and such. I predict I will get at least 3 comments on how I should change my Ampharos and about having 2 normals on my team. I need help in seeing my weakenesses as well as what pokes I will have trouble with.

Remember this team is made with only the pokes I have at this moment and some of them were made during some really n00b times in my life.


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Posted by Pokemaniac Will (Member # 2395) on 12-27-2001, 11:13 PM:
I'm just going to say right now that Wigglytuff has seriously gone from underused to overused in terms of here at Azure. I really don't get it, it's Defenses are crap unless you set it up on a BP Chain. It only has average Attacking and no Speed, only a lot of HP. Can someone fill me in here, because I'm missing the point.

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Posted by Tghost (Member # 1418) on 12-28-2001, 12:12 AM:
Pokemaniac Will, here's two lessons you need to learn;

A) NEVER ever post up saying you aren't going to rate something, unless somebody SPECIFICALLY asks for YOU to rate it. Otherwise, you look like a little newbie hanging out for flames with an ego bigger than anything else you possess.

B) When working out Defenses, HP matters FAR more than the actual defensive stats. Blissey can take a serious beating for it's 5 base statted defense.

Posted by Pokemaniac Will (Member # 2395) on 12-28-2001, 12:22 AM:
::Edits:: Are you sure? I mean people use Dugtrio a lot, who has HORRIBLE HP, worst of a final form. Then again Dugtrio has low Defenses (They add up to only 436) and nothing else to really back it up except for it's Speed. Bad example. Sure Blissey can take a huge beating but it has higher HP and makes up for it in Spc Def. Wigglytuff not the same story. Oh well, I guess I'm not the kind of guy who would take something like that. I have a different fighting style.
Posted by Frogjedi (Member # 772) on 12-28-2001, 12:37 AM:
The reason for Wiggles is because mainly I feel I owe it to azure to carry on the tradition. Wiggly also isn't there to be in against many sweepers except for stat boosters and baton passers. Perishsong makes the whole Batonpassing system run away like it's wearing flaming underwear and really, the set works well. It isn't that overused yet you know. It is Azure based and is so far on only around 5 teams that have been posted here.
It is good for paralyzing almost half of all teams as well as invoking many switches. You gotta understand that at azure it isn't that important to have thee most unbeatable team because there is no such thing as unbeatable. Therefore most people here have diverted to just plain having fun. Wiggly is 1337.
Remember the wise words of Karen.

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Posted by Pokemaniac Will (Member # 2395) on 12-28-2001, 01:04 AM:
I understand, what you say. I'm not trying to insult you for using Wiggly or anything. Au contraire, I like it, it's new, but I just was curious about such a now common decision. In reply to what you just said, I know nothing is unbeabatle, but the Cheese Trio, Mew, Celebi and Dragonite/Tyranitar in the hands of a trainer that knows a lot and I mean A LOT about making good decisions and mvoesets it could damn well be only .1% off of unbeatable. And there is a such thing as unbeatable, he's a guy from the GB Station Forums.

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Posted by Dark_Herakurosu (Member # 1677) on 12-28-2001, 02:59 AM:
If people don't use underused pokemon, teams would be filled with standards, much like your team, that will make pokemon luck-based and boring. Don't even get me started on you categorizing Draggy and T-Tar with the cheese trio. Personally I don't see why you ever came back to this place.

BTW, dugtrio can kick some serious ass with a BD passed to him.

Posted by Frogjedi (Member # 772) on 12-28-2001, 07:34 PM:
lol. Apparently everyone is either really dumbfounded by how exceedingly excellent this team is . Or no one cares or has any time to rate this or give advice. Hmmm. [bump in disguise]. I'll not bump again.
Posted by Pokemaniac Will (Member # 2395) on 12-28-2001, 08:18 PM:
Please, my team is not filled with standards. I also never calssified the Cheese Trio with D-Nite and T-Tar, I don't know where you're getting all of this from but you're an asshole. I was saying that they're the strongest next to the Cheese Trio and Semi-00bers and that's why they'd be definites of an "Unbeatable" themed team. I came back out of my free will and because people like you need to see how horrible you act someday. That 2 you got in your rating isn't enough, it should be a negative number. Anyways...

Frogjedi your team is great, not a lot of flaws like I usually see. I'll rate...

Wiggly: Nice!

Ampharos: Three cheers for being lazy, Thunder Man! (If you didn't bother to put T-Bolt because you prefer extra power or something as opposed to being lazy please disregard that)

Arcanine: I think you should take advantage of a 318 Attack and put Body Slam over Crunch. It doesn't take any weaknesses and it won't do much more as SE than Flamethrower.

Aerodactyl: Take Roar.

Dragonite: Pick Outrage. Kicks butt, especially with a Safeguard. Since Sharp Beak won't help much you might want Bitter Berry if you don't want to set up a Safeguard before Outrage. I do this cause I'm lazy!

Snorlax: Return over Body Slam for heavier damage and a quicker KO.

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Posted by Frogjedi (Member # 772) on 12-29-2001, 03:14 AM:
Yes. I'm lazy.
Actually I've sacrificed power on my Bodyslam for Prlz support. This is the way it has been playing out on mIRC for me.
-I curse.
-Almost 3/4 of time they attack and hit, believing that I will continue to curse up allowing them decent time to deal damage and to cancel boost.
-They switch.
-I bodyslam to deal some decent damage and prlz.
-If prlz. They too slow to haze, encore, etc to rid me of boost.
-I get extra free hit.
-If FPed they can't make me cancel my boost so I get another free hit.

Usually by then with one Curse and a STAB Bodyslam on a nondefensive pokemon will die. If they switch to healbell I get another free hit. Works miracles.

Posted by FireMagmar (Member # 2238) on 12-29-2001, 07:14 AM:
Well...They'll just switch to a Water before you can set-up.
Posted by Frogjedi (Member # 772) on 12-29-2001, 07:01 PM:
Against a snorlax... water? What's the difference. Maybe I'm slow or something but this Curselax has no mysterious weakeness to water types.
Posted by PowerAngelic (Member # 693) on 12-29-2001, 08:06 PM:
Snorlax must beware of those evil Dewgong. Encore + Perish Trap screws Curselaxes over big time.
Posted by Frogjedi (Member # 772) on 12-29-2001, 10:02 PM:
Smartalec. lol.

Ok another side note on my arcanine is that I had this guy as a starter in which his set was:

Basically he survives the first wave of prlsis to set up safeguard. Can crunch zams and flame scizor and forretress. Plain and simple.

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