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Posted by Bowser (Member # 2037) on 12-23-2001, 03:01 PM:
Well, this is the 4th version of "rate. my. team. you. want. to. do. it. yes. you. do." I've replaced every Pokemon since that version (which was the first). Here's the new version with the new name.

The Urban Legends v4.0

Articuno--->@Miracle Berry
-Ice Beam

Articuno is the new starter of the team. It functions well as a great tank, what with Reflect pseudo-passed to it. Whirlwind is for pseudo-hazing, and Rest to recover HP. Miracle Berry just in case any Jolt/Pluffs or anything like that paralize/sleep me.

-Mean Look
-Perish Song
-Destiny Bond

Meh, standard or close-to-it Misdreavus.

-Ice Beam
-Fire Blast
-Heal Bell

Ice Beam and Fire Blast are on Blissey because I don't have a Pokemon who has them, except for Articuno who has Ice Beam. Pretty much a standard elemental bellssey.


Slowbro is goddish. Surf is my water attack, and Psychic is to take care of pissy Machamps. Counter is to take care of threats (some people prefer me to use Slowking *coughRaptorcough* but I'd rather use Slowbro because it can take a nice amount of punishment, and deal most of it back. Whee~). Rest is to recover HP.

-Rock Slide

Cursetar. It's been moved from starter to sweeper. Tyranitar can deal lots of damage. It doubles as a psuedo-hazer (I have two because if you only have one, and it's dead, you're screwed :/). The rest is standard.

Raikou--->@Miracle Berry

Standard Raikou. Reflect helps this team out greatly (Helps up the defense of Arti, Gar, Blissey, and itself). Thunderbolt is STAB, Crunch is for stupid Psychics (like that pissy Slowbro ^o^). Rest is to recover HP.

Okay, those are my team revisions.

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Posted by Bowser (Member # 2037) on 12-27-2001, 03:10 PM:
No one am rate?
Posted by NiMR0D (Member # 2204) on 12-27-2001, 03:50 PM:
Sorry, can't say much about your team. They all look good, and I couldn't find any weak spots on your team. Nice team (kinda standard though).
Posted by Pokemaniac Will (Member # 2395) on 12-27-2001, 06:13 PM:
Articuno: Good. Reflect is an option over D-E.

Misdreavus: Kind of strandard, but I find Perish Trappers with Protect cheap.

Blissey: The thing is Blissey has low Spc Atk. So put something over Ice Beam, maybe you can take a chance with Sing, or Minimize.

Slowbro: Amnesia over Rest to help low Spc Def. Rest isn't really needed.

Tyranitar: Good.


Crunch is for stupid Psychics (like that pissy Slowbro ^o^).

Woudln't a T-Bolt do more than Crunch to Slowbro? T-Bolt is STABbed, stronger and still SE. Anyway, I say put HP-Grass, Water or Ice over Crunch, because it beats one of it's main weakesses or Pokémon resistant to Electricity (via Ice) because Crunch won't do much more than T-Bolt will.

Crunch w/ SE: 160
T-Bolt w/STAB: 143

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Posted by Bowser (Member # 2037) on 12-28-2001, 06:58 PM:
I'm dropping Misdreavus for Serebii (that's Celebi for people that don't know ) with this set:

Serebii--->@Mystery Berry
-Psych Up
-Ancient Power
-Baton Pass

After I read the "Celebi Passer Strategy" topic, I decided that it might work well in this team. I could pass any stat changes that were Psych Uped, or pass an Ancient Power boost to Raikou or Tyranitar. I can also Psych Up a Curselax, which has lead me to drop Curse for Rest on Tyranitar. The way I would deal with pseudo-hazers/hazers are A)Copy stat changes, and if the pseudo-hazer/hazer comes out, pass to Tyranitar or Raikou, who should be able to take it down. or B)Get an AP Boost, pass to Tyranitar/Raikou. Since I have superior stats, I can kill the pseudo-hazer/hazer.

Okay, consider this Urban Legends v4.5

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