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Posted by Frogjedi (Member # 772) on 12-20-2001, 01:23 AM:
This is just an Idea

Arcanine as a Starter:

I'm new with Arcanine so I was wondering what would work, what wouldn't, and the holes it possesses.
- Miracleberry is to protect against the quick paralyzers etc, which allows you to trap or safeguard.
- Forretress - flamethrower/Fireblast off start
- Alakazam - Crunch
- Anyothers you just Firespin and keep them trapped.

Please don't frickin flame me about how I suck and I be @55 n00b etc. I've heard it all so only constructive arguements please.

What other starters should this worry about?

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Posted by NiMR0D (Member # 2204) on 12-20-2001, 01:38 AM:
I don't like Firespin, get Extremespeed on him instead.
Posted by Kiseiju (Member # 2421) on 12-20-2001, 01:33 PM:
Hmmm, for the lack of anything better you might want to consider Roar. Though it's doubtful he would survive the roar if psuedo-hazing, it might help if he was caught in a perish-trapping.

Though I doubt it's possible Reflect might be a nice option to pass along to incoming teammates.

Posted by Cesar (Member # 529) on 12-20-2001, 06:54 PM:
I sort of like the idea, but a few suggestions:

Give it flamethrower, Fire Blast can miss. There is no bloody way Forretress is going to survive a flamethrower coming from Arcanine.

Fire Spin, other then to trap missy, is nearly pointless. Since the opponent will always switch off. You could instead give it sunny day, to power up flamethrower (or fire blast if you choose), or you could take advantage of a 318 attack and give it return or Body slam.

Oh and you should worry about Kingdra, and any rock starters like that bastard T-tar =/

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Posted by Mewone (Member # 1694) on 12-20-2001, 07:49 PM:
Arcanine does not start. *waits for some genious starting Arcanine moveset*
Posted by Frogjedi (Member # 772) on 12-20-2001, 08:16 PM:
Thanx....This is a work in progress. Hopefully someone will make a genuis starting arcy moveset. I personally am liking sunnyday. I can always use bodyslam for that 30% chance of extra fping action. I've tested it a bit and he can handle electrodes, forretresses, and thunderwaving zams well. He's also made haydays out of venusaur and his like. He cannot handle any Dactyls ot Tars though. Too bad there is no way to get reflect and safeguard both on him.
thanx again.
Keep the brainstorming flowing.

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