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Posted by Dark-Celebi (Member # 1889) on 11-11-2001, 05:02 PM:
Hi i've been a member here quite a while but i very rarely post here i normally just read the boards but i've got a question for the azure gang so if you don't mind answering it i would apprechiate it
ok in the celebi tour in August i got given a silver carterigde with 20 celebi's on and if you traded the right pokemon to the cartrigde for the celebi's and sent the newly recieved silver carteridge back before the 7th of september then nintendo said they would send you crystal when its released over here in England. But its been over a week now and i still haven't received it and i was woundering if anyone else had received theirs yet ok thanks for any help i get
Cya later
Posted by Uiru (Member # 437) on 11-11-2001, 06:35 PM:
...Maybe you didn't trade them the right Pokémon? I dunno. I wish someone would give me a cart full of Celebi.
Posted by Kaisui (Member # 2244) on 11-13-2001, 02:52 PM:
Ooh I can help! To find out if you have won pokemon crystal call 0207 4716680 and ask them if you can enquire whether you won, you'll be put throught to a woman and she ask you some questions. good luck!!!

She will ask for you're name (first and last) and you're address.

And if you have it will be dispatched within 2 weeks.

Good Luck!!!!!!

Karpe Diem