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Posted by Artie Cuno (Member # 1205) on 09-10-2001, 11:12 PM:
OK, here we go, this is a team of underused Pokemon and different movesets. Enjoy!

Thunder wave
Meditate @Leftovers
He's a decent Pokemon, but he needs some help. These Pokemon are in no particular order.

Body Slam (as an Eevee traded to R/B/Y)
Mean look
Confuse Ray @Miracle berry/Leftovers
My nice little evil as hell set. Original Artie Cuno.

Gengar #1
Ice Punch
Mean look
Confuse ray @Nevermeltice
Trap. Concurse. Kill. Repeat.

Fire Punch
Perish Song
Confuse Ray
Mean Look @???
Perish trapper. Let him die if you must. Protect is a possibility over C-ray.

Mean Look
Rest @Mint Berry
Not a very good Minty Rester, but what else should I use?

Rock Slide
Swords dance
Rest @Mint Berry/M-berry
Another possible Minty/miraclerester.

Any rates appreciated.

Posted by ThumbsOfSteel (Member # 1922) on 09-11-2001, 04:58 PM:
Hypno: Not bad, but consider shadow ball over psychic for starmie, missy, and 'kazam.

Umbreon: Annoying if you can get set up. Body slam is your only option for paralysis, but won't do much damage, so killing will be a problem.

Gengar 1: I don't like ice punch much. Possibly giga drain simply for healing.

Gengar 2: try protect/spite/destiny bond over fire punch.

Gengar 3: Try a special sweeper set with T-bolt, Giga drain, psychic, confuse ray/destiny bond with leftovers.

Sandslash: good.

Overall: I'm sure you're aware of the 4x ghost and dark, plus 3x ground and psychic. Since this is a fun team, it shouldn't be a big concern anyway.

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Posted by sl (Member # 1940) on 09-11-2001, 04:58 PM:
Originally posted by Artie Cuno:
Gengar #1
Ice Punch
Mean look
Confuse ray @Nevermeltice
Trap. Concurse. Kill. Repeat.

this thing has no recovery, not even leftovers, so it CANT repeat.

Karpe Diem