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Posted by alex (Member # 2156) on 09-10-2001, 08:43 AM:
Zapdos@scope lens
-drill peck
-thunder wave

Blissey@miracle berry
-icy wind
-heal bell

-drill peck

Quagsgire@mint berry

-spider web
-perish song
-spike / rapid spin

spike or 'spin? i don't know...

-fire blast

another curselax i know , but i like him sooo much :-)

Posted by Automaton (Member # 1234) on 09-10-2001, 01:12 PM:
Hrm, the Blissey has some issues. Interesting Smeargle.
Fire Blast is best on Snorlax if you start with him, and you don't have anything else with a fire move.

It's pretty tough to get Heal Bell onto Blissey, as you have to have Smeargle sketch it off of a Miltank, then mate the Smeargle with a Snubbull, who will then mate with Chansey/Blissey. However, the work is worth it if you intend to use her.

Karpe Diem