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Posted by oporaca (Member # 922) on 09-03-2001, 09:38 PM:
Okay, it's time for my feeble attempt at an underused Pokemon post. This time, it's Gyarados, a Pokemon with good overall stats, bad stat balance, and a very unfortunate type.

First of all, the customary look at its stats:

HP: 393
Attack: 348
Defense: 256
Speed: 260
Special Attack: 218
Special Defense: 298

I don't know much about stats, so please don't flame me if I get something wrong. ^_^;

Its Special Defense is actually better than some think, equalling that of Mew. Its Special Attack got screwed over by the G/S split, though, rendering most of its best moves weak. Its Speed and Defense are OK, albeit on the low side, but its Attack is impressive. Unfortunately, it can't make much use of its attack; it has only Normal Attacks and Hidden Power. (And, if you want to get technical, Rock Smash.)

Now, on to the moves...

Gyarados can use the Rain Dance combo, with Thunder, Surf, and Rain Dance, just not very efficiently, due to its low Special Attack.

Because Gyarados doesn't have much staying power, and has lots of Attack, it can use End/Flail (for a few turns), albeit losing the ability to use RBY TM's, Bite, and Dragon Rage in the process.

Ground Power can 2HKO all Electrics except for Ampharos and Raikou, but it could conceivably be thought of as similar (NOT same likelihood, but SIMILAR) to a Legendary w/Hidden Power (i.e. accused of being Sharkery), because it can't use Hidden Power (to determine the type) until it evolves at level 20, so it's more difficult to get the right HP. Start saving up Rare Candies if you want to put it on your Gyarados. Having it with Flail is especially difficult, as you must wait until L:30 to find out the HP type. You probably won't use it anyway, as who in their right mind would keep out a Gyarados against an Electric-type? I might as well point out now that since you always know that they'll be using Electric attacks against Gyarados, you can swap out to your Ground-type. Only major problem would be a Surfing Raichu.

Flying HP could have its uses for STAB. Same problems as Ground HP, though.

D-Edge, or at least Body Slam or Return, is a must. Hyper Beam may actually be feasible, due to PokeSta 2 rule change and Gyarados's immense attack, as long as it's only used as a finisher.

As for Special attacks, it can learn Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Surf, Ice Beam, Bite, and Dragonbreath, and can use essentially none of them, due to low Special Attack. Only use them if you have to in order to counter a weakness.

Few defensive moves. Reflect, the usual others, and that's about it. Oddly enough, it can learn Sandstorm.

Some people use Substitute while their opponent switches out to an Electric-type. I've never tried this myself. It could work. I haven't done tests on Gyarados surviving Electric attacks yet.

So, some movesets (I'm not good with items):

The "Rain Dance" Gyarados
-Rain Dance
-Surf/Hydro Pump
-Reflect/Physical Attack

It's not like it'll survive a Thunder anyway.

The "STAB, finally" Gyarados
-Surf/Hydro Pump
-Flying HP

Just try to dole out damage as fast as possible before dying.

The "I may get hurt really fast, but so will you now" Gyarados, a.k.a. the "Desparately needs Agility baton-passed to it" Gyarados
-Ground HP/Fighting HP/Surf

I have no idea whether this will work out. Hidden Power 70 (either one) will be very hard to get.

The "Let's pray I can survive a Thunderbolt at not-quite-max health" Gyarados
-Ground HP
-Double-Edge/Hyper Beam

Sub while opponent switches out to an Electric. Protect (if that'll work with a Sub), Ground HP, Protect, and Ground HP again. Of course, it'll require taking an attack at 75% health, plus 4 uses of Leftovers. (Which is probably 100% health... I'm just not sure.)

Thoughts, flames, questions, flames, comments, flames, flames, anyone? -_-;;

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Posted by raticata (Member # 1994) on 09-04-2001, 01:20 PM:
Good analysis, over all moves, however you have forgot flying HP, if its possible,

it gets stab, putting it at 105.

IMO, the best set for this guy is to go all dodrio'y:

+quick claw/pink bow
flying hp

and hope for the best!

Posted by Mr.E (Member # 696) on 09-04-2001, 02:35 PM:
IMO, the best set for this guy is to go all dodrio'y:

+quick claw/pink bow
flying hp

In which case you might as well use Dodrio itself, as it gets STAB on the normal attacks and Drill Peck is slightly more powerful to make up for the lower Attack (as well as not having to take weeks to get 70-power Flying HP or Sharking it on).

Posted by raticata (Member # 1994) on 09-04-2001, 03:12 PM:
True, but could still work for gyarados.

Because there is no-one within a 500 mile radius of me that plays pokemon, I base getting moves on the simplicity of putting them in on the gsbot.

One move I would advise is fireblast...a lovely surprise.

As for type combo, although it has a double weakness, there is only a weakness to rock aswell so it should be safe, as for electrics, you shold be able to see them coming, and I think it has the same special defense as tyran has defense to his fighting qualms.

Posted by Jolt135 (Member # 1974) on 09-04-2001, 04:57 PM:
Besides, if there are people who think that non-Electrics using Thunderbolt would surprise Gyarados, consider this: GENGAR can't even OHKO it that way unless it has a Magnet, even with the huge SA. However, you'd then have to lay off the Hidden Powers, because those deduct HP (at least the ones Gyarados can use well).
Posted by oporaca (Member # 922) on 09-04-2001, 10:40 PM:
I forgot to mention Flying HP in my moves, but I did put it in the "[Double] STAB, finally" moveset. And, I forgot to do studies on what electric attacks it can withstand, though I did do studies on Ground HP vs. Electrics. (For the 2HKO's, I forgot to mention that I included Soft Sand in the calculations. Oh well.)

Gyarados is one of my favorite Pokemon, which is why I decided to do it.

Karpe Diem