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Posted by Twinkle (Member # 1690) on 09-01-2001, 01:53 PM:
I'm a pure Trainer (no sharking or glitching), with not much time on my hands, and I'd like to have just a suggestion of 8 or so Pokémon to train to L100 for a team, with movesets. The team isn't for a tournament, so I'd like it to be somewhat fun to use in a battle rather than just efficient. I currently have only 5 L100s:
Shadow Ball
(Is it worth sacrificing my other Shadow Ball TM to put Submission on it over Dynamicpunch?)

Rain Dance
Drill Peck
(Um, yeah. Very n00by. I'm guessing Thunder and Rain Dance should go for something else.)

Chansey (I trained it to 100 on Yellow, before Metallics came out... Probably not even worth keeping on a team now.)
Ice Beam

2 Dragonites...
Double Edge
Thunder Wave
Hyper Beam

Wing Attack
Hyper Beam

(Both the hyper beams are fully PP UPed. :rolleyes

So, is it possible to salvage anything from this, or should I just start from scratch?

Oh, and by the way, I have a level 70 or so Espeon with

Morning Sun
Hidden Power (Fire, not sure about the attack power)

If that'd be worth training at all. I'm still fairly new to the advanced strategy, so if you could explain what to do with the team you suggest, I'd be grateful.

Posted by raticata (Member # 1994) on 09-01-2001, 03:10 PM:

I have to say picking a team isn't one of my strong many to choose, so I'll recommend 6 types, choose one of each of these types as a start. Remember, only one of each element attacking per poke - thunder and t-bolt is very bad, though t-wave and t-bolt is fine.

1)An electric poke - only weak to ground.

2) A normal type - pretty solid, only one weakness.

3) A psychic - best for combatting fighters.

4) A water - generally very good, only 2 weaknesses.

5) A ground, ground/rock - use for a decent attacker, must have quake!

6) A fighter - use as normals are quite common.

Naturally, flyers, fires, grasses are all good, but this gives a general feel, and then you can tailor it however you want.

Pick your favourite from each type, and see how it goes. Hope this helps.

As for items, the best are IMO :

mira berry, leftovers, mint berry (with rest), scope lens, paralyz berry, and a good item attachment.

Best of luck, Raticata.

Karpe Diem