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Posted by Jolt135 (Member # 1974) on 08-20-2001, 05:10 PM:
I posted my original GSC team here a while back, and surprisingly, I’ve only had to make one change since then. However, that change is still significant enough to have me post an updated version.

Note: All my teams follow Item Clause, so that I can use them in Stadium 2. The PBSim isn’t working yet, and I can’t get GSBot because my mIRC doesn’t work.

RAIKOU@miracleberry Thunderbolt/Crunch/HP Ice/Reflect
I’m fairly sure I created this set. I’ve used it since mid-April, but it was first posted on TPM on May 23. Until someone shows a link that demonstrates proof that they had it before then, I’m taking credit for it. Reflect gives it the ability to take THREE Earthquakes from a median 258 Attack, no STAB, and HP Ice is sure to surprise the newbies who use Gligar JUST because it gives them a flyer that is shock-proof.

MEWTWO@twistedspoon Psychic/Flamethrower/Safeguard/Recover
There are two changes I’m considering for Mewtwo:
1. Changing the item. It currently holds the only type booster on the team, and I’m hoping to get rid of it. I’m not using Miracleberry, because I follow Item Clause. Maybe Focus Band? It works great with Recover.
2. Making it the starter. There are just too many Forretress leads around, and Raikou, my current starter, can’t do much about them. Besides, Flamethrower on a Mewtwo is very unexpected, so the enemy won’t immediately switch too often. Of course, this Mewtwo won’t do much against Big Death Starmie other than stall with Safeguard, but I can tell BDS is losing popularity.

SUICUNE@brightpowder Surf/Rest/Roar/Mirror Coat
That’s right, I kicked Starmie off the team. Having a lone status inflicter can easily be countered with Heal Bell, so by taking it out, I render an opponent’s Heal Beller next to useless. While this is the second-most-predictable standard in the game (behind Machamp), it’s still pretty tough to find a counterstrategy even WITH preparation.

TYRANITAR@quick claw Crunch/Ancientpower/Earthquake/Ice Beam
I’m one of the people who prefers Ancientpower to Rock Slide, so don’t suggest I change that. For a while, I experimented with HP Flying to stand a chance against Fighters, but that wasn’t helping at all. W4s just aren’t worth overcoming. I finally settled on Ice Beam over Flamethrower, mainly because of Dragonite. The reason I say Dragonite it because it’s a common Hazer who might come in after an AP boost. Ancientpower alone isn’t going to OHKO, but Ice Beam will, and not too many people use Ice Beam on Tyranitar, so a typical opponent won’t see it coming. Of course, choosing IB is probably going to haunt me when I finally face a 1-on-1 finish with T-Tar vs. Skarmory. But until then, it’s not going to change.

SNORLAX@mint berry Curse/Frustration (Stadium), Return (PBSim)/Earthquake/Rest
Typical Curselax. I’d be surprised if I got ANY serious comments on this one.

SKARMORY@leftovers Curse/Drill Peck/Whirlwind/Rest
Silly me, for a while I thought I invented this set. Oh well. Skarmory usually comes out right after the opponent’s Electric-type goes down, and stays there...unless, of course, the enemy uses Ho-oh! I might switch the items on Skarmory and Suicune, since Skarm can easily use a missed attack in order to Curse up, whereas missing against Suicune won’t help me if I use Mirror Coat.

Team analysis:
2 pseudohazers (Skarmory, Suicune)
3 genderless Pokemon, to screw over Attract theme teams (Raikou, Mewtwo, Suicune)
No Heal Beller, but 1x Safeguard (M2) and 3x Rest (Suicune, Snorlax, Skarmory) to guard against inflictions
No intentional status infliction, to limit effectiveness of opponent’s Heal Bell (in order to be any good at that, I would need at least 3 status inflicters, and that has no place on my team)

3+: None
2: Fighting (including a W4), Bug, Ground, Electric, Grass
1: Ghost, Steel, Fire, Water, Dark
(Note: For Electric and Grass, one of the weak members is Suicune, and using those attack types against it is complete suicide, so those are essentially only 1x weaknesses)

Any suggestions for this version of the team?

Posted by raticata (Member # 1994) on 08-21-2001, 05:48 PM:
No rates yet? I'll do my best...

RAIKOU@miracleberry Thunderbolt/Crunch/HP Ice/Reflect

Oh dear this set does look cheap, thanks to the inclusion of an HP. Legendaries and HPs DON'T mix. If anything, a legendary's set should not include tms, just the moves it learns, otherwise it becomes artificial. Change the HP for a move it learns, roar would work well. Also, this could be my guide, but I don't see how it can have t-bolt.

MEWTWO@twistedspoon Psychic/Flamethrower/Safeguard/Recover

Not only is this a cheap poke, this is perhaps the cheapest set it can have. Safeguard AND recover?? Yet, you obviously don't care about having these types of pokes so I have to begrudgingly say its ok...

SUICUNE@brightpowder Surf/Rest/Roar/Mirror Coat


TYRANITAR@quick claw Crunch/Ancientpower/Earthquake/Ice Beam


SNORLAX@mint berry Curse/Frustration (Stadium), Return (PBSim)/Earthquake/Rest

You bloody will get some serious comments young 'un. If you intend to use this on gsbot you will get whipped around by haze/roar/whirl/psychers. Can only work with a trap-passer.

SKARMORY@leftovers Curse/Drill Peck/Whirlwind/Rest

Another standard? Does anyone have independant thought these days?

Overall, a very disappointing team. 3 legendaries, each with cheap sets, and then 3 pokes that if a survey on popularity would run, would no doubt be in top ten, probably top 5 (each with standard sets). This may win, but if people are working hard to find standard beaters this won't stand a chance, and YOU WILL BE SWEATING LIKE A PAEDOPHILE IN MOTHERCARE.

Posted by Turbo X (Member # 1808) on 08-21-2001, 11:33 PM:
Complaint 1: Switch Mint Berry to Suicune, Leftovers to Lax, and Bright Powder to Skar. Lax could use Leftovers in case he gets Hazed. Suicune doesn't need Bright Powder that much, Skar takes advantage of Bright Powder better. So give Suicune Mint Berry, which leads me to...

Complaint 2: SUICUNE VS. ZAPDOS!!!
Zapdos is faster, and gets off 1st attack if they both switch in. Like you said, using an Electric would be suicide for the opponent, so I'm guessing you'd never think to Roar him away (actually, Roar doesn't work on a Flyer, right?). Other guys would just T-Bolt and get a Mirror Coat right back in their face.
My THEORY of how this match-up goes.
---Zap uses Drill Peck
Cune uses Mirror Coat. Nothing happened!!
---Zap uses Drill Peck again
Cune uses Mirror Coat again. And nothing happens again.
---Zap uses Drill Peck again.
Cune gets smart and expects it, so he either Surf's for minimal damage or Rests.
So as you can see by now, Suicune is screwed.
---If Cune Rests, 2 T-Bolts takes it out. If Cune Surf's, 1 T-Bolt does the trick.

This is why MintyRest on Cune can come in handy, although he's screwed no matter what as the cycle just starts all over again.

And about TwistedSpoon boosting Psychic's power on M2. It's a STABed attack from the highest Spc Att in the game, it doesn't need the boost. So I ask you...why?!?

I know that people have come up with counters to many extremely standard pokes. But guessing which standard poke will come out next will be the tricky part for the opponents of this team.
P.S. Out of these 6 pokes, I'd say the least used [in my area] would be Raikou.

Posted by Jolt135 (Member # 1974) on 08-22-2001, 04:54 PM:
It’s official: SKARMORY GETS THE BOOT! In its place, I am bringing in another flyer:

AERODACTYL@king’s rock Ancientpower/Earthquake/Curse/Whirlwind (except in Stadium, where I will give it...ROCK SLIDE! That’s payback for using impossibilities in RBY!)
It serves the same purpose as Skarmory, but is better suited to this team. I switched it around because of the new generation of Fire Blasting Snorlaxes. True, the 228 defense is ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC for a Rock-type, so I have to use Curse.
*might throw Agility on somewhere, or else replace King’s Rock*
Also, this set has no recovery move, so I might want that as well.

If there is a second member that gets tossed, it will be Snorlax. 2 Cursers seems redundant, but I can’t find anything to replace it. Marowak would introduce two 3x weaknesses, Machamp would just be a clone of ‘Dactyl and T-Tar...perhaps Meganium? I would make it a strict pseudopasser, because frankly it’s no good for anything else. Another plus is that Meganium could be a fourth anti-Attracter. Raikou, Mewtwo, and Tyranitar are staying as they are; I created the Raikou set and the other two have special attacks that are unexpected from those Pokemon. Remember, my opponents won’t all be Azurians. I’ll also fight PBSim newbies (once the battle server works, of course) and crappy AI teams on S2.

The question this time, then, is “Should I ditch ‘Lax, and for what?”

Posted by OmegaSuicune (Member # 2100) on 08-22-2001, 05:45 PM:
Aerodactyl @ Lefovers
- AncientPower
- Earthquake/Wing Attack
- Substitute
- Protect

Just a thought.

Posted by Jolt135 (Member # 1974) on 08-22-2001, 05:49 PM:
What the hell would I do with that set?
Posted by Jolt135 (Member # 1974) on 08-23-2001, 06:11 PM:
You see, Aerodactyl's 228 Defense is lower than any other Rock-type (counting fully evolved Pokemon only, of course) and with no way to boost it, the Sub is easy to break. That set has little use other than to drain 6 PP off the opponent. For the set I have, I'm considering Rest over EQ. Should I use it?
Posted by Shenlong19 (Member # 2036) on 08-24-2001, 09:43 AM:
aero isnt good, trust me, i really wanted to like it, but it cost me bad, dont use it
Posted by cmsnrub25 (Member # 1551) on 08-24-2001, 01:14 PM:
Aero (IMHO) isn't meant to be a staller, despite cool type combo. It's got near-360 Speed, and 318 Attack. Get the picutre?

~Wing Attack
*Miracle/Mysteryberry, Miracleberry preferred because PAR kills Aero*

Shenlong: You = nOOb.

Posted by Shenlong19 (Member # 2036) on 08-24-2001, 03:39 PM:
Originally posted by cmsnrub25:

Shenlong: You = nOOb.


Shenlong= uber n00bius maximus

Posted by Jolt135 (Member # 1974) on 08-24-2001, 05:39 PM:
Mewtwo is DEFINITELY going to lose the Twistedspoon. Even with it, the most it can do to Machamp is 382, and......

Karpe Diem