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Posted by Skarmory (Member # 1850) on 08-10-2001, 04:44 PM:
Now most use lax, and so do I. But i was thinking. Porygon2 has pretty much the same moves... plus some SA... now my quesion is. Is it better to go with the CurseP2 with IB/Tbolt/F-thrower or my lax with curse/counter?
Posted by Uiru (Member # 437) on 08-10-2001, 05:38 PM:
Porygon2 dun get Flamethrower. And why would something named 'CurseP2' have three Elemental moves?

Porygon2 has a huge Speed advantage over Snorlax. (Think about it. Most have either Thunderwave or Agility, and Recover is faster than Rest.) It can also attack elementally, meaning it has more strengths. But Snorlax is stronger physically and much more tankish as well.

Posted by sl (Member # 1940) on 08-10-2001, 11:24 PM:
i have actually killed curselax with cursegon2 before...
Posted by Mr.E (Member # 696) on 08-11-2001, 12:22 AM:
Something tells me there's about a 99% chance that you killed the Snorlax because of a CH...
Posted by sl (Member # 1940) on 08-11-2001, 12:23 AM:
actually, he got a ch earthquake, and i got FP most of the time.
Posted by Uiru (Member # 437) on 08-11-2001, 12:25 AM:
What is its moveset? This other guy seems to use Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt and Curse, which is not only completely illogical but it's also illegal.

Other than that, I don't think a Porygon2 beating a Snorlax is THAT strange. Especially with Curse and Recover.

Posted by sl (Member # 1940) on 08-11-2001, 12:27 AM:
i used ThunderWave/Curse/DE/Recover, i know its screwed against ghosts but thats about it, even skarmory cant survive 2 DE's from this thing, ESPECIALLY if i paralized it before.
Posted by raticata (Member # 1994) on 08-11-2001, 06:03 AM:
that looks a fine set, and could easily beat a snorlax.

As for naming it CurseP2, you could be trying to mess with your opponent's mind - heck I've seen this :

Atmuk (MUK lvl 100) (UMBREON lvl 100)

Posted by ThumbsOfSteel (Member # 1922) on 08-11-2001, 07:55 AM:
I use both Porygon2 and lax and both work great but have different roles. Porygon2 has T-wave, recover, ice beam, DE, and makes an excellent lead, as it is a solid paralyzer, a good attacker, and lasts almost forever with recover. I use him on other teams as well since he is basically a paralyze-and-sweep all on his own, with great stats. Snorlax is a sweeper, all the time. I pass a Vaporeon sub, DT to the max, belly drum, rest, attack. It destroys entire teams with that first sub still standing. As for who is better, it depends what your team needs. If it's only a sweeper and nothing else, use Lax, if you want a paralyser, Special attacker, or anything but a pure sweeper, use Porygon2.

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Posted by Nitro (Member # 1885) on 08-11-2001, 11:16 AM:
I like psych up instead of curse. It has killed many, many snorlaxes.
Posted by sl (Member # 1940) on 08-11-2001, 12:05 PM:
Mess with your opponents mind? That's very childish, and doesn't work at all when fighting anyone but n00bs. I've had people use this crappy shit against me, I think its just a waste of a good nickname and a childish attempt at having an advantage over your opponent.

And, as a snorlax killer

> Psych Up
> Cross Chop
> Rock Slide
> Rest
@ Leftovers

kills lax's better, especially bellylax. i had a friend who had a starter with thief, he thiefed, stole mint, lax bdrumed, switched to ape, lax went to sleep (how stupid... knowing that it didnt have a mint), ape used psych up, lax is fast asleep, ape used CC, lax fainted... he swept this guys whole team FLAWLESSLY with a 999atk primeape

heh heh.. that bp team i had made a flawless against some n00b if i remember right..

Posted by Skarmory (Member # 1850) on 08-11-2001, 12:51 PM:
sigh its not supposed to have three elemental moves x_x

Its supposed to have either: Ice Beam, Thunder Bolt OR Flamethrower along with Recover, Curse, Doube-edge!

Does that help?

Posted by MK (Member # 1445) on 08-11-2001, 06:42 PM:
I use Snorlax personally. I actually rasied a Porygon2, gave it a possibly unique moveset, and, I didn't like it.

If you want to take the path less traveled, use Porygon2, but, if you teach it curse, try to go with 1 elemental attack to cover your teams' weaknesses. 2 elemental attacks tops. If you go with curse, leave double-edge, and recover with those 3 would be good. So, if you want PG2, try this...

-Double-Edge (or another strong physical attack)
-(insert elemental attack or hidden power)

Go get em

Posted by MK (Member # 1445) on 08-11-2001, 06:59 PM:
Porygon2 can learn Thunderbolt and Ice Beam via Move Tutor via Crystal but not Flamethrower or Fire Blast through any legal means.


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