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Posted by raticata (Member # 1994) on 07-15-2001, 06:21 PM:
ok new team idea, no excuses about throwin team together. This is made from my favourites, and thus prob wont fare aswell in battle as a team made from legendaries, enough babblin, enjoy !!

Mr.Mime + magnet

fire punch/flamethrower (if poss)

right similar to my mewtwo but def less cheesy and clowns are supposed to be scary. Reflect for zapdos mainly so he can whirlwind well. Safeguard is also good for pseudopassing. Not too sure bout item though, its too make sure cloyster and qwil die before spikes.

Zapdos + leftovers

drill peck
light screen

standard/semi-standard whatever, can pseudo pass, pseudo haze, more importantly messes up the other team with paralyzation. No t-bolt here 'cause already have electirc support from Mr.Mime, drill peck is just a nice move with stab, and my only supereffective-vs-a-fighting poke tel que champ.
'screen for any ice moves, and with a reflect and screen set up can whirlwind better.

Houndoobie + miracleseed

sunny day

MY patented set. Can work well with a reflect up from Mr.Mime if Zapdos goes bye bye too quickly. See earlier post for explanation on how set works.

Corsola + mystery berry

mirror coat

curse up for AP and more importantly to force them to using special attacks. Recover is great. Have no idea if this is standard but what else can he do ???

Weezing + ???


hm need help here. Always liked it for some strange reason, can haze and go bang. The usual set has fireblast but i presume that is jut for starters vs forret, and i already have fire support. Sludgebomb gets stab with a base of 135 and return as have no other idea. Pain split was an option....

Sandslash + quick claw

swords' dance
rock slide
bug hp

ok sorry whoever i stole this idea from with bug hp with 'slide (if poss) and quake. If quick claw can work with the enemy hopefully paralzed, a couple of swords and hopefully some nice sweepage. I choose him over maro as is less popular.



Posted by MK (Member # 1445) on 07-15-2001, 06:32 PM:
Nice idea goin on with Corsola, but, if you didn't want to go with the move that lowers speeed and raises attack/defense at the same time, you could teach it surf since it would get stab, but, I think the way you have it is a good idea to try to force the enemy to use a special attack, then BOOM, Mirror Coat. And, I think that Mirror Coat and Counter will always work if you got hit by the right attack from the enemy, even if the enemy has double teamed 6 times, so, that's good too.


Posted by MK (Member # 1445) on 07-15-2001, 07:18 PM:
I don't think Flamethrower is possible on Mr. Mime. According to Meowth's site the following can be bred to Mr. Mime.

Future Sight, Hypnosis, Mimic.

And only Thunderbolt can be taught via Move Tutor (crystal)


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