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Posted by raticata (Member # 1994) on 07-15-2001, 06:14 PM:
here's my patented houndoom set,houndoobie, want to know what you lot think of it :

sunny day

strategy is simple - as my team usually has a starter with t-bolt/punch and flamthrower/punch to neutralize spikers, i already have fire support.

Second, if i say sunny day, few trainers would leave out a poke weak to fire. Some send in waters counting on houndoobie's poor special defense, and get blasted by solarbeam. Crunch is just a nice attack, and moreover gets stab. Attract is the only real way to give it some defense, reversal was an option but needs endure which would screw this set. Also has probs with counter as many physical attacks can OHKO it.

i accept constructive criticism so dont hesitate with kindness....rate away !!



Posted by MK (Member # 1445) on 07-15-2001, 06:30 PM:
Not a bad idea to have attract over flamethrower (which is the standard) since you already have a flamethrower on your team. Go with it. BTW, is your houndeur male or female?


Posted by raticata (Member # 1994) on 07-15-2001, 06:45 PM:
its a female last time i checked, i think most people use male pokes for their higher attack DVs so has better chance of attract working.
Thanks for the praise !!



Posted by MK (Member # 1445) on 07-15-2001, 07:21 PM:
No prob.

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