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Posted by JoHtO TrAiNeR (Member # 1777) on 07-09-2001, 01:48 PM:
After the "How would you stop a Snorlax" topic, I got all excited about Skarmory, so I thought up of a moveset that I thought could work, and I need a few rates/suggesetion on one....

Here's mine..



-I think this would work well with FLY in the moveset, because after giving the opponent Toxic - Swagger, you can Fly for the safety of not being hit and you also let Toxic do it's work...Whirlwind is when the opponent gets a little too Strong from the Swaggerings...

Any suggestions? Will it work?



Posted by Brayze (Member # 1286) on 07-09-2001, 03:18 PM:
It won't work. They'll switch while you fly, and toxic will then become poison. They'll probably switch to something with a fire attack, which will own skarmory, and since nearly all fire types are faster, they'll get a hit in, dropping your life to well below 50%. ...Either that or you switch, and give them a free hit anyways.

So it won't work. You need a trap for toxic to work well.

Posted by THE KING952 (Member # 1918) on 07-13-2001, 11:29 AM:
I picked this up from GameFAQ's, I think...

Skarmory --> w/e works
Drill Peck
Steel Wing
Whirl Wind
this thing is meant to take down other cursers... Curse for as long as they curse... after you're done with that... Whirl Wind them... then attack away... the problem here is that this leaves it's speed super low...

Skarmory --> Leftovers
Drill Peck/Steel Wing
a simple Sandstormer

Skarmory --> Leftovers
Double Team/Mud Slap
Drill Peck
Steel wing
start with Double Team/Mud Slap... then Agility... then Attack away...

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Posted by Tghost (Member # 1418) on 07-13-2001, 09:47 PM:
Skarmory - Rest, Theif, Drill Peck, Whirlwind @Mint Berry
Pesky Thick Clubbing Marowak got you down? Hate Machamps with Scope Lens getting too many critical Hits? Then the Thiefing Skarmory will help out. You have to MintyRest before stealing, but it's not that hard. Also, you can use it as a standard Whirlwinding Skarmory.

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Posted by Chibi Gabo (Member # 1978) on 07-14-2001, 05:24 PM:
I'm actually quite partial to this one;
Drill Peck
Sand Attack

Self-explanitory, most henious.

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Posted by St George (Member # 1923) on 12-19-2001, 07:21 PM:

Skarmory biggest problem is both fire and electric moves, therefore, a ground hidden power is what needed even though pokes that possess these moves (his weaknesses) are generally faster.

The solution is Curse to build up his defense even further and raise also his attack - sure it will slow him down but heck thats one hell of a defense and his attack is not that bad either.

Skursory @ leftovers

Drill Peck (80 attack + STAB)
Steel Wing (70 attack + STAB)
Ground Hidden Power (70 attack)

Some Math guru's may prove me wrong - but he looks damn good to me...


St George

Posted by cmsnrub25 (Member # 1551) on 12-19-2001, 09:21 PM:
The problem is with Cursing Skarmory is that his speed is sinking even further with each use. So either you've got to switch out (negating Curse), or get 95-power Thunderbolt or 120-power Fire Blast right between the eyes.
Posted by Knef (Member # 2208) on 12-21-2001, 06:01 AM:
I dunno about Curse on Skarmory…I wouldn’t be that worried about its lowered Speed rating. Consider that Skarmory’s max Speed is 238, which means that every Electric will be faster than it anyway. And, about Fire types, only Flareon and Magcargo are slower than Skarmz.
IMO, problem is, any pokèmon with a non-STABbed Thunderbolt/Flamethrower and Special Attack equal or superior to 298 will mathematically 2HKO Skarmory (which means, absorbing just one Drill Peck/Steel Wing). If you take into account STABbed T-bolter and Fire Blast user, I dunno how often our favourite metallic bird will be able to Curse and attack effectively. Sure, it has physical endurance to spare, but its Special Defence is just 238 with 333 hp and weakness to very common types.

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