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Posted by primorial#soup (Member # 3913) on 07-28-2006, 07:20 PM:
I've recently finish a tool-assisted speedrun of Pokémon Red, and I found this page to be an incredible resource. For this I wanted to say thank you. A video of the run can be found on youtube, finishing the game from start to finish in 1 hour and 41 minutes.

While I was making the run, I found a few nifty memory addresses, particularly pertaining to battle situations, so I decided to share some GameShark codes. As far as I can tell, these codes can't be found anywhere else on the internet.

Code: 0104D7D0
Description: Always do at least 1024 damage.
How it works: This sets the upper byte of how much damage you deal to 4, adding 1024 damage to every attack.

Codes: 0100E6CF, 0100E7CF
Description: Opponent will faint instantly.
How it works: The first code sets the upper byte of your opponents health to zero, and the second code the lower byte. For opponents with 255 health or less, only the second code is necessary. As soon as the battle starts, they faint.

I also found a few other interesting codes.

Code: 01??3BD5
Description: Start within any item on your PC.
How it works: The game starts with one item on your PC (a potion). This code changes what that item is, where ?? represents the two character hex code for that item. Master Ball is 01, and Rare Candy is 28.

Code: 01633CD5
Description: Start with 99 of the starting item on your PC.
How it works: This changes the total number of the first item on your PC from 1 to 99. In combination with the above code, you can start with 99 of anything.

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