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Posted by FireFly (Member # 892) on 09-11-2000, 02:52 PM:
OK, so after a LOT of hassle (Sharking's akin to cheating etc etc), I finally got all 151 (actually OK I DID Shark myself a Mew). I don't mean just *seen 151*, I mean *still have* all 151 (4 additional playthrus to get the fossils and the additional Eevees etc).

Now, I'd like to get a couple of teams together for Stadium and I can't face doing the whole thing again. Nor am I comfortable with transfering my Pokemon from my GB to the N64. Maybe sharking is a good thing after all...

So.... I've got the codes to catch any Pokemon and I've got the codes for perfect genes/stats, but what I'd really like is some explanation of the Gene code so I can give my new teams *not quite* perfect stats. Also how do I get them just to L50 - 55?

Also, on a not entirely unrelated subject, when I first get a Charmander at L5 or 6 how do I decide whether his genes are good or not?

I know there's a related page here but some examples might help me.




Posted by mr k mouth (Member # 802) on 09-11-2000, 02:59 PM:
well, im having trouble changing thee levels of mine too. here, the code to change level is 01xx8cd1, i think maybe 32 for the x's will give you level 50 but im not sure, and just so ya know, there stats won't change at all cause its a gay code.

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Posted by ZZTRaider (Member # 86) on 09-11-2000, 04:19 PM:
Originally posted by mr k mouth:
well, im having trouble changing thee levels of mine too. here, the code to change level is 01xx8cd1, i think maybe 32 for the x's will give you level 50 but im not sure, and just so ya know, there stats won't change at all cause its a gay code.

The reason it won't work is, you aren't doing it right. You can't directly modify the level, you have to change the amount of experience a pokemon has. But that's the had part, finding how much they need.

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Posted by FireFly (Member # 892) on 09-11-2000, 05:16 PM:
OK, I think I've got it.

For a parabolic growth Pokemon, the last 3 codes (Red/Blue) are


Equating to 1CA70h Exp points (just as it says on the relevant page here.... Oops)

That gives 164HP and 115/109/131/116 which is perfect gor a (in my case) L50 Charmeleon.

I'll try the other growth types later and post the results.



Posted by cfalcon (Member # 19) on 09-11-2000, 10:07 PM:
Please see the attached website for details on stats and such, as well as how to level a monster using the shark (you give it lots of EXP- enough to get it to 100- then box it: when you bring it out, it may be past 100, if it's a fast bloomer, but that's no problem because after one fight it has legal EXP).

Please note you can reduce a monsters EXP just the same, should you want to level it yourself later.


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Posted by FireFly (Member # 892) on 09-12-2000, 07:20 PM:
OK, thanks for the replies.

For those who don't have a hex calculator (anyone??) here's a table of required Exp points for various levels for the different growth types. (I hope this come out all right what with line wrap and all.....

-----Level Req.- Slow----------Medium---------Fast----------Parabolic------

10 0004E2h 0003E8h 000320h 000230h
11 000680h 000533h 000429h 0002E6h
12 000870h 0006C0h 000566h 0003CEh
13 000ABAh 000895h 0006DEh 0004EDh
14 000D66h 000AB8h 000893h 00064Dh
15 00007Bh 000D2Fh 000A8Ch 0007F3h
16 001400h 001000h 000CCDh 0009E7h
17 0017FDh 001331h 000F5Ah 000C31h
18 001C7Ah 0016C8h 00123Ah 000ED6h
19 00217Eh 001ACBh 00156Fh 0011E0h
20 002710h 001F40h 001900h 001554h
21 002D38h 00242Dh 001CF1h 00193Ah
22 0033FEh 002998h 002146h 001D9Ah
23 003B69h 002F87h 002606h 002279h
24 004380h 003600h 002B33h 0027E1h
25 004C4Bh 003D09h 0030D4h 002DD7h
26 0055D2h 0044A8h 0036EDh 003463h
27 00601Ch 004CE3h 003D82h 003B8Dh
28 006B30h 0055C0h 00449Ah 00435Ah
29 007716h 005F45h 004C37h 004BD4h
30 0083D6h 006978h 005460h 005500h
31 009177h 00745Fh 005D19h 005EE6h
32 00A000h 008000h 006666h 00698Eh
33 00AF79h 008C61h 00704Eh 0074FDh
34 00BFEAh 009988h 007AD3h 00813Dh
35 00D15Ah 00A77Bh 0085FCh 008E53h
36 00E3D0h 00B640h 0091CDh 009C47h
37 00F754h 00C5DDh 009E4Ah 00AB21h
38 010BEEh 00D658h 00AB7Ah 00BAE6h
39 0121A5h 00E7B7h 00B95Fh 00CBA0h
40 013880h 00FA00h 00C800h 00DD54h
41 015087h 010D39h 00D761h 00F00Ah
42 0169C2h 012168h 00E786h 0003CAh
43 018438h 013693h 00F876h 011899h
44 019FF0h 014CC0h 010A33h 012E81h
45 01BCF2h 0163F5h 011CC4h 014587h
46 01DB46h 017C38h 01302Dh 015DB3h
47 01FAF3h 01958Fh 014472h 01770Dh
48 021C00h 01B000h 01599Ah 01919Ah
49 023E75h 01CB91h 016FA7h 01AD64h
50 02625Ah 01E848h 0186A0h 01CA70h
51 0287B6h 02062Bh 019E89h 01E8C6h
52 02AE90h 022540h 01B766h 02086Eh
53 02D6F0h 02458Dh 01D13Eh 02296Dh
54 0300DEh 026718h 01EC13h 024BCDh
55 032C61h 0289E7h 0207ECh 026F93h
56 035980h 02AE00h 0224CDh 0294C7h
57 038843h 02D369h 0242BAh 02BB71h
58 03B8B2h 02FA28h 0261BAh 02E396h
59 03EAD4h 032243h 0281CFh 030D40h
60 041EB0h 034BC0h 02A300h 033874h
61 04544Eh 0376A5h 02C551h 03653Ah
62 048BB6h 03A2F8h 02E8C6h 03939Ah
63 04C4EFh 03D0BFh 030D66h 03C399h
64 050000h 040000h 033333h 03F541h
65 053CF1h 0430C1h 035A34h 042897h
66 057BCAh 046308h 03826Dh 045DA3h
67 05BC92h 0496DBh 03ABE2h 04946Dh
68 05FF50h 04CC40h 03D69Ah 04CCFAh
69 06440Ch 05033Dh 040297h 050754h
70 068ACEh 053BD8h 042FE0h 054380h
71 06D39Dh 057617h 045E79h 058186h
72 071E80h 05B200h 048E66h 05C16Eh
73 076B7Fh 05EF99h 04BFAEh 06033Dh
74 07BAA2h 062EE8h 04F253h 0646FDh
75 080BF0h 066FF3h 05265Ch 068CB3h
76 085F70h 06B2C0h 055BCDh 06D467h
77 08B52Ah 06F755h 0592AAh 071E21h
78 090D26h 073DB8h 05CAFAh 0769E6h
79 09676Bh 0785EFh 0604BFh 07B7C0h
80 09C400h 07D000h 064000h 0807B4h
81 0A22EDh 081BF1h 067CC1h 0859CAh
82 0A843Ah 0869C8h 06BB06h 08AE0Ah
83 0AE7EEh 08B98Bh 06FAD6h 090479h
84 0B4E10h 090B40h 073C33h 095D21h
85 0BB6A8h 095EEDh 077F24h 09B807h
86 0C21BEh 09B498h 07C3ADh 0A1533h
87 0C8F59h 0A0C47h 0809D2h 0A74ADh
88 0CFF80h 0A6600h 08519Ah 0AD67Ah
89 0D723Bh 0AC1C9h 089B07h 0B3AA4h
90 0DE792h 0B1FA8h 08E620h 0BA130h
91 0E5F8Ch 0B7FA3h 0932E9h 0C0A26h
92 0EDA30h 0BE1C0h 098166h 0C758Eh
93 0F5786h 0C4605h 09D19Eh 0CE36Dh
94 0FD796h 0CAC78h 0A2393h 0D53CDh
95 005A67h 0D151Fh 0A774Ch 0DC6B3h
96 10E000h 0D8000h 0ACCCDh 0E3C27h
97 116869h 0DED21h 0B241Ah 0EB431h
98 11F3AAh 0E5C88h 0B7D3Ah 0F2ED6h
99 1281CAh 0ECE3Bh 0BD82Fh 0FAC20h
100 1312D0h 0F4240h 0C3500h 102C14h



Posted by FireFly (Member # 892) on 09-12-2000, 07:24 PM:
But I STILL don't know how to get slightly less than perfect genes! Anyone?



Posted by Quetzalcoatl (Member # 411) on 09-13-2000, 07:43 PM:
In the Max gene code:

Just substitute the FF in the max genes code for the hex numbers of your choice:
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, A, B, C, D, E, F

To get a much more thorough explanation, Cfalcon goes into greater detail in this thread on the subject:

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