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Posted by bluequill3 (Member # 821) on 09-09-2000, 10:34 PM:
I hope no one's posted a topic like this all ready.
I really want a Mew of my own. I live in Idaho, and the chances of a Nintendo tour coming here are very slim. So, I thought about using a gameshark to get one, since so many people have done it and it seems to work out fine most of the time. But
a) it's cheating
b) it may mess up my saved data
So what should I do? I'd really like to know what some of you think. Do I wait and hope a Nintendo Mew give away comes to where I live, or do I use a gameshark?
Please give me some feedback.
Oh, I hope Sakaki Tower is the right place for this topic.



Posted by cfalcon (Member # 19) on 09-10-2000, 02:56 AM:
Well, if Nintendo gives it too you, that's technically cheating too. They don't even catch it: they have a machine that hacks yoru RAM, similar to what would happen with a gameshark. If it makes you feel more comfortable to have Nintendo do it, then wait.

My vote would be to shark it, then, if you ever happen upon an official Mew (and preferably the official certificate that goes with it use the shark to set the OT# on the Mew you have to the one on the certificate.

There is no fair way to get Mew: he is unobtainable through normal gameplay.

If you are that worried about messing up your data, then back it up with Megamem.

Most of the time there aren't any problems. The problems are in two categories:

(1) The shark itself reacted badly with the pak. Maybe it was the shark's fault, or the pak's. Possibly the gameboy. This doesn't happen very often.

(2) The code is screwed up.

Don't screw up the code.


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Posted by Marril (Member # 51) on 09-10-2000, 03:07 PM:
Heh, if they're kind enough to use their Nintendo Shark (the machine that gives you Mew and/or Serebii) on your Pak, then let them, it isn't cheating, becasue you get a free, official Mew that is said to be stronger than Sharked ones, though that's just propaganda.

Anyway, I'm one of those anti-Shark people, so wait for a tour.

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Posted by mr k mouth (Member # 802) on 09-10-2000, 05:55 PM:
sorry but no ones coming anywhere near potato land. if ya want a mew your gonna hafta spend $45 and get a sheark with a megamem (i reccomend it at least) and shark it up. i dont see why nintendo does this, it just pisses everyone off to get a pokemon you can't get, they should just make some extremely difficult task in the game to get mew, that would be a lot cooler.

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Posted by cfalcon (Member # 19) on 09-11-2000, 01:12 PM:
They aren't stronger, weaker, or any different whatsoever.

If they start giving away max stat ones or something (they don't now), you can shark your own max stat ones.

You get a piece of paper, though.

Why is it cheating if I hack my RAM but not if Nintendo does it? After all, it's my cartridge, not theirs: they only own the right to reproduce it. I *know* that's my data storage area they are overwriting...

There really isn't an answer to that.

Posted by bluequill3 (Member # 821) on 09-13-2000, 05:31 PM:
Thanks for all the input. Forgive my ignorance, but what's megamem(I'm sure it stands for megamemory, but what is it; what does it do?)



Posted by White Cat (Member # 42) on 09-14-2000, 03:52 AM:
It lets you back up mulitple saved games, and restore them at your leisure.

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Posted by Starshelle (Member # 567) on 09-19-2000, 05:54 PM:
Go ahead an shark Mew. I loved my sharked mew and would replace her for anything! Besides if the oppurtunity arises for you to get an offical mew, then you'll have two Mews! I wouldn't complain about that

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Posted by Marril (Member # 51) on 09-19-2000, 07:43 PM:
But go to an officail tourney with a sharked Mew...

Anyway, having an official Mew myslef, just wait. How bad can it be? I mean, it's not especially strong, but it CAN whoop arse almost as good as her clone, Mewtwo. The only thing that it's good for is its TM compatibility...

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Posted by Psyduck (Member # 652) on 09-20-2000, 08:40 AM:
Well, most honest playes wont play you if you get it max stated, because everyone knows there is no, real, max stat mew.



Posted by cfalcon (Member # 19) on 09-20-2000, 05:33 PM:
Actually, the jury's still out. I'm hoping that one of the reps will answer that question for us definitively: can you get a random, max stat Mew?

Since you only have a couple shots at one, the odds truly are ridiculous, but given the number they give out, at least one or two must be max stat...


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Posted by White Cat (Member # 42) on 09-21-2000, 05:44 AM:
I've been recording the Mew stats of various people on this board, with locations ranging from Canada, Spain, Australia, and various other places. All of them had max stats of 383/288/270/292/278.

I'd say that's pretty good proof that all the official ones would be the same.

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Posted by Jenova (Member # 727) on 09-21-2000, 01:51 PM:
*has an 'official' mew*
hehe, dante gave it me, he got six at a tourney <g>
i like my mew, although it keeps 'loafing around' and using metronome when I dont want it to, the disobedient little git. stupid boosting exp crap

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Posted by ABRAham (Member # 847) on 09-23-2000, 02:35 AM:
I live in Canada, and the tour NEVER comes here. Yet I managed to get an official Mew. Yes, it required bugging people I know to wait in line for hours on their trip to California. But I'm glad I have it. I now have two, as I cloned it with a link cable (legal by NOA standards) One has the original Mew moveset, and I will change the other.

Moral of the story; There's always a way without sharking!



Posted by Foxx (Member # 937) on 09-24-2000, 02:26 AM:
I got my Mew (nicknamed Magic) last year at the Pokemon League Summer Training Tour. It's Official, yeah, but the people at NOA don't care if you use one that's not. I used an Unofficial Mew when I competed at that Tournament, and they didn't get mad at me. They didn't even check! They don't have a list of Official Mew's to my knowlege. I could be wrong, though. But that would be one hell of a list to pack around. Yikes! But anyways, the Certificates aren't that great, but if your against Sharking, you should wait. Could be awhile, though... Oh, and that Machine they use to transfer the Official Mew's to your game pak is a copying machine I think. There were thousands of people recieving Mew's when I was there. It would take them forever if they didn't copy the same Mew. Just my opinion, though. I could be wrong.


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Posted by Linker (Member # 886) on 09-24-2000, 09:51 AM:
I luckily got an official Mew, in Dublin Ireland, where I live.I went about 20minutes early, and stood in line for about 10seconds and got my OFFICIAL mew!



Posted by Velox (Member # 913) on 09-28-2000, 08:25 PM:
Dreadite of AGNP has 37 legal Mews (many of his friends have red Nintendo shirts ^_^). And indeed, he reported about a month ago that none of the ones he raised to full power have gone beyond 383/288/270/292/278...except for one which hit 403/298/298/298/298. That one has a Trainer Number of 00001. Interesting, ne?

Ian Garvey has one of the 403 HP Mews (noticed it during a news report on the Fox 10 O' Clock News here in Philly), and I'd be surprised if he obtained it legally. But hey, for all Nintendo knows, he COULD have been first in line at the Mew machines.

Posted by White Cat (Member # 42) on 09-29-2000, 07:00 AM:
How did they report on it? Did Ian say "I have a 403 HP Mew!" or did they show a Stadium screenshot with it, or what?

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Posted by Velox (Member # 913) on 09-29-2000, 10:14 PM:
Much of the report showed Ian playing Stadium. I also caught sight of his M2 and Electrode. Both of them have perfect HP also. ^_^
Posted by shockwaves (Member # 970) on 09-30-2000, 06:11 PM:
Well, I'd recommend waiting, but that might be because I'm pretty against sharking and I got 6 official ones myself. If you don't want Nintendo to know you got your mew with gameshark though, make sure the original trainer name is linke or luigie, those are the OT names on mine. There may be others nintendo used as well.

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