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Posted by 10,000Lb.Snorlax (Member # 13) on 02-22-2008, 12:40 PM:
There needs to be a new Forum Icon for Diamond and Pearl.

I suggest "non fat latte" to represent the Pearl side of the Pokeball and "coke glass" to represent the Diamond side.

Fun Fact: Did you know that since the Ru/Sa icon was released 10k has used it to mark *every* post he's made at azure?
Posted by Mr. K (Member # 2) on 02-22-2008, 02:43 PM:
Huh. I didn't realize the game you were talking about was the same one I made a forum for like a year ago.

What brought on the sudden interest?

If you want to draw the icon, I'll try to remember how to add it. It shouldn't be too hard with any gif editor that lets you do transparency...
Posted by 10,000Lb.Snorlax (Member # 13) on 02-23-2008, 03:05 AM:
Don't tell anyone else but I have a secret plan for bringing Azure heights back to its former glory.

I am going to battle pogeymans and then bring the stories back to the Arbok Internet Cafe and write really good warstories that will bring the love of pokeyman back into the local children's hearts.

Their hearts will be warmed so much. Then I will tell them how to play pokeman like me and write war stories to warm the hearts of others. Soon everyone's hearts will be hot with the passions of battle and the flames of Azure will burn bright once again.

I decided to play pokeymans again after I realized I never played Gold/Silver or Subby / Sapphire. I then decided that there was probably a lot of new stuff that I had missed in the three generations. I bought Pokemon Diamond last spring and only played it for about 30 mins before getting bored. I missed 3 days of work two weeks ago and started playing again and after I got by the crappy start of the game where all the pokemon you can catch are birds and bugs it got pretty fun. Half for nostalgia and half because I had no idea what all the new fucking pokemon were (I only really know the ones from red/blue + Girafarig and a couple other cool looking ones).

Then I found websites where people will trade you pokemon that you ask for them it got more fun because I could try to collect as many traded pokemon from people around the globe (it keeps track of your trade partners with dots and puts them on a globe for you to keep track), and the pokemon you trade grow faster so the game is less work.

Then I started getting into Berry Cultivation (100 different berries you can grow and fertilize differently). Different berries grow differently from eachother (some require more water, grow slower, etc). You can mix berries together to create poffins which are pokemon cakes. You manually mix them using the touch screen and it can spill and burn - it's tricky. SOme berries are super rare to so acquiring them from people using trade is a fun challenge.

poffins increase pokemon contest stats depending how they are made.

there's a whole underground world too that's hard to explain... it's separated from the normal game and you can create a lame hidden base where you put dolls and stuff. You also dig out jems and hidden and rare items. It's a fun and mindless thing to do while whathing tv.

It's a way better game than red/blue were. much more to do in the world and daily / weekly events. long with the online battling, trading, chatting and stuff it's a real steal.

but you're right if it doesn't sound very interesting or fun then it probably won't be. Just frustrating because I know if it came out in 2000 people would love it and be battling all over azure with it.

and now I have to make new pokemon friends [Frown]

Karpe Diem