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Posted by XxDangerxX (Member # 4141) on 08-26-2008, 06:27 AM:
Hi all,

I was very impressed and inspired by Azure Heights Pokémon Laboratory, so, with the new programming skills that I've developed over the last year, in conjunction with my recently-increased knowledge of usage of Microsoft Excel formulas, I have developed this Portable Pokédex.

This will give you necessary basic information for your Red, Blue, and Yellow version Pokémon training.


Type in the name or Pokédex ID of your Pokémon. The Pokédex will show you:

Then type in a level that you desire for it to reach, and its current EXP. The Pokédex will show you:
There is also a user-friendly error message system in case of misspelled Pokémon names, or out-of-range Levels/Pokédex ID#s.
Please download and enjoy!

Please also feel free to leave your feedback :-)

Karpe Diem