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Posted by TeamArticuno (Member # 3797) on 11-20-2005, 07:03 PM:
There a web address or anyone have info on What each pokemon learns for moves in Colosseum?

Im working on Quil Fish Water/Poison

His Physical attck is high, however his spc atck, doesn't benefit his water moves very much. Poison sting is weak, take down wasnt worth it, and pin missile doesn't benefit his type at all. I want to teach him things that will work or something after Hydro Pump?

Same with Yanma, nothing it has benefits it.

I checked anything I could find, the only thing I came up with were entire move lists and what they do, but not specific pokemon, what level they learn the ability and what TMs that Pokemon can learn.

Anyone help me out? THanks [Smile]

Karpe Diem