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Posted by TeamArticuno (Member # 3797) on 04-26-2005, 12:00 PM:
I am confused, I am not sure if EV and IVs are the same as they were in Ruby/Saphire, or in the original Red and Blue?

Know how it works?

Can you collect a great deal of EVs this time?

Thanks ^ ^
Posted by Bugcatcher Ed (Member # 3289) on 04-26-2005, 12:42 PM:
IVs and EVs are the same in R/S/Colosseum/FR/LG/E. That's why you can trade pokemon between those games. How it works:

IVs: Each of the six stats has an IV between 0 and 31. In the old days, it was between 0 and 16, and HP was calculated.

EVs: Each individual pokemon has a hidden stat for each of its stats, where effort value points (EV) are accumulated. A given stat can't have more than 255 EV. No pokemon can have more than 510 EV altogether. Thus, you can only train two stats to the max at most. You can, of course, train more stats to a lower level. Each species of pokemon gives between one and three EV when defeated in combat. The points may all be assigned to one stat or they may be distributed among several. Each pokemon that participated in the combat, as well as pokemon that didn't participate, but were holding the exp share, gets the total amount of EV for each stat. It is not divided, as experience is. A pokemon that participated while holding the macho brace gets double the total amount of EV. Vitamins increase EV for a given stat as long as the stat has less than 100 EV and the pokemon has less than 510 EV altogether.

Hope that helped.
Posted by Fluxxdog (Member # 3786) on 04-27-2005, 09:47 AM:
That really helps. Considering I'm getting Emerald soon, this'll be my first foray into anything after Crystal.

So IV's are the genes of old, and EV is the Stat Exp. Forewarned is forearmed. Thanks, Bugcatcher Ed!
Posted by Bugcatcher Ed (Member # 3289) on 04-28-2005, 03:39 PM:
"IV's are the genes of old". Precisely. And you can still call them genes, or DVs, IMHO. Nomenclature has never been perfectly standard. This is basically a tweak, making HP work the same as everything else, and double the level of difference per stat.

"and EV is the Stat Exp". Correct again, they serve exactly the same purpose, of rewarding trainers for leveling up their pokemon in combat. However, unlike genes, Stat Exp has undergone radical surgery, which changes the training strategy. A pokemon which has been trained in two well-chosen stats often has a huge competitive advantage over a better rounded one. For example, an Alakazam which has been trained exclusively in Sp Att and Speed* is MUCH more dangerous than one with an equal distribution of EV. It may be brittle, but with the right moves, it has the potential to 1HKO many pokemon without taking any damage, and severely damage many others before they knock it out.

I forgot to mention: the woman next to the Slateport vitamin man awards a ribbon to any pokemon which reaches max total EV.

*OK, not necessarilly exclusively. Since every 4 EV gets you an EL (Effort Level), a stat trained to the maximum of 255 EV will be no better than one trained to 252 EV. That means the obsessive trainer will give it 252 Sp Att EV, 252 Speed EV, 4 EV to something like HP, Def, or Sp Def, and 2 EV to anything but Sp Att or Speed, since they won't get you any ELs anyhow.

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Posted by TeamArticuno (Member # 3797) on 05-12-2005, 01:36 PM:
Very good explaination Ed [Smile] The mathematics behind all this goes into calculus. So it seems. I highly doubt ill ever catch a Pokemon with max IVs, but I caught 3 boxes worth of weedles to obtain a potent beedrill. I focused on the attack IV and his bonus personality. I didn't have enough rare candies to take it up past lv. 55 to check IVs. Only to compare at lv. 11. My stat calculator showed max IV was 28 attack for Beedrill lv. 11. Closest I came was 27 attack. Which I understand means nothing until you get a high enough level to compare. Rare candies are more rare now than they were in Ruby/saphire or it could be the "Pickup" rates of Meowth and Zigzagoon?

Karpe Diem