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Posted by Nautilator (Member # 3701) on 01-21-2005, 08:02 PM:
Even if it misses or fails, Disable will cause the opponent's rage to build (this also happens in Stadium1, but only if it is successful). Any ideas why?

Also, since there seems to be minimal info about Disable at AH and in the older posts, I'll note some other stuff. When a move is disabled, it gets a randomly determined length of 1 to 8 which (like confusion) is reduced before the pokemon actually performs an attack. If a pokemon knows the same move more than once (via Mimic or such), and one of those moves is disabled, you will be able to select the other as your attack but when trying to execute it will just recieve a notice that the move you selected was disabled. It is however still possible to use a disabled move if done via Metronome or Mirror Move. And Disable doesn't target moves with 0 PP.

I looked back at the old posts to make sure, and some people claim to have seen Metronome call itself. If you are one of those people, please tell me the settings and circumstances you have seen this happen. I have tried 1500 uses of Metronome in a link battle setting and seen every move called other than Struggle and itself. I have not done extensive testing in Stadium but even if it was possibled, it does not seem like it would be noticeable anyway. Metronome has no animation, and I had the Alakazam use Metronome and got Mirror Move, the only displayed text messages were that Alakazam used Mirror Move and then the following move - there was no notice that Metronome was actually used.

Karpe Diem