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Posted by Porcupine (Member # 46) on 04-19-2004, 07:06 PM:
This is a pretty lame beginner question, ohwell. Though I'd played extensively on GSbot and maybe once knew the answer to this question, I can't remember anymore. I wish there were better FAQs on GameFAQs concerning the details of the newer Pokemon games. But a lot of the old sites I used to use for Gold/Silver information (Pokemon Daily, Pokemon Forever) are dead or changed now...and the newer generation of Pokemon players does not seem to be as good at researching I think. (Research seems okay for Ruby/Sapphire, but a lot of it is done by the same good old players who researched for R/B/G/S/C. And a lot of current knowledge only exists because people slaved hard to discover things in Red/Blue and G/S/C which made it way easier for people to discover things afterwards.)

Does Baton Pass automatically go first, or is it just like any other move and goes first or second determined by Speed?

I'd like to ask this question separately for both Gold/Silver and Ruby/Sapphire, in case it changed.

I never used BP even on GSbot, so I don't have a lot of experience with it. I ran two teams...a very successful Sleeping OHKO team...and occasionally a legendary PP wasting Spiking team that was undefeated but only because games could never finish with that one. =) Several times I could recall I was going to lose with my legendary PP wasters, but my opponent did not realize, and after hours passed he gave up and conceded despite me trying to convince him he was going to win at the rate we were going. [Wink]
Posted by Donald (Member # 1551) on 04-19-2004, 08:38 PM:
Baton Pass has no priority modifiers, it's dependent on the speed of the user.

Of course, it usually goes first, but that's because most BPers have Agility. [Wink]

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