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Posted by Bugcatcher Ed (Member # 3289) on 10-25-2003, 07:07 PM:
Hey! I just got battel-e cards! So I actually have a scoop. Enigma berries are a class of berries that come with battle-e cards. Each theme has one enigma berry, each pack has two themes.

Enigma berries are strange, even by Pokemon standards. According to the instruction booklet, one can only have one kind at a time. First one receives one throught the ecard reader/mystery event, and can pick up the berry from one's father. If one attempts to reuse that card, one gets a message that that type of berry has already been obtained. Should one receive a new enigma berry, all existing enigma berries in the game, bag, planted, growing, etc., change into the newly received berry. One does not actually get a new berry from one's father.

I've combined information on the cards with information from Pokemon Forever ( to produce the following list. My apologies, I did not note which berry came in which pack.

Pumkin Kacha
Size: 1.9 inches
Firmness: Super Hard
Taste: Sour (40)
Smoothness: 65
Growth rate: ??
Yield: ??
Text: This BERRY is amazingly sour. It's heavy due to its dense filling.
My comment: Looks like a gourd to me, but it's so tiny. No way is anyone making a Jack O' Lantern out of this!

Drash Buuka
Size: 5.3 inches
Firmness: Very Hard
Taste: Sweet (40)
Smoothness: 65
Growth rate: ??
Yield: ??
Text: When it ripens this sweet BERRY falls and stickes into the ground.
My comment: Looks like a cross between a radish and a lawn dart.

Eggant Bisuna
Size: 1.6 inches
Firmness: Soft
Taste: Dry (40)
Smoothness: 65
Growth rate: 72 hours
Yield: 3
Text: Very dry tasting, especially the parts not exposed to the sun.
My comment: Looks like a tiny eggplant, indeed.

Strib Edoma
Size: 4.8 inches
Firmness: Hard
Taste: Spicy (30) Bitter (30)
Smoothness: 85
Growth rate: 96 hours
Yield: 6 - 12
Text: It grows slowly but abundantly. Makes a soothing sound when shaken
My comment: From the appearance and the Japanese name, I'm guessing this is a soybean, although the people who made up the English name seem to have assumed it was a stringbean.

Chilan Hozu
Size: 10.7 inches
Firmness: Hard
Taste: Spicy (30) Sweet (30)
Smoothness: 85
Growth rate: 4 hours
Yield: 1 - 2
Text: This sparse BERRY grows quickly. Its skin is quite tough.
My comment: I've no idea what this is based on, but "grows quickly" and "sparse seems fair.

Nutpea Rakka
Size: 4.9 inches
Firmness: Super Hard
Taste: All Flavors (10)
Smoothness: 5
Growth rate: 96 hours
Yield: 3
Text: This BERRY is rigid and cracks open when the center is squeezed.
My comment: You guessed it, it looks like a giant peanut. If Meowth346 is right about the smoothness, this is the smoothest berry in the game. I wonder if it can be successfully blended with one of the other all flavor berries, such as an oran berry?

I have no clue yet about the growth rate or yield on most of these puppies. Some are definitely better for increasing one's quantity than others. I'll add more when I know more.

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