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Posted by TIDUSBLITZABESX (Member # 3390) on 09-07-2003, 03:59 PM:
A post a while back we talked about how you could still box your pokemon and get more EVs out of it. Well sorry to say I tested this theory out. I don't want to strike up an argument, I tested this in everyway I could!

Ok heres what I did. I fed my pokemon vitamins all 10 except of course the last one. Then I put on the Macho Brace. I used the other pokemon I had to spread the Pokerus too. Then I rare candied the poke' up to level 100. Now I fought over 150 battles litterally (Alakazam). 10 battles with Numels, 10 Battles with Spindas, 20 battles with Dusklops, 20 battles with Whismurs, 20 battles with Tentacools/Tentacruels, 20 battles with Linoones, 10 battles with Cactnea, 20 battles with Magnemites and after fighting 20 voltorbs, I boxed Alakzam. No STAT INCREASE!!!! Alakazams Special attack with Modest personality was always 364, no change in defense, spc def, Hp, or Spd. That much off to 400 for spc atk. Theres no way I could of used up all my EVs without battling before rare candying up to level 100. According to my stat calculator 154 meant my Special attack IVs were 31 (at Level 50 as Kadabra). So it should of been higher th an 364.

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Posted by XtreamWarrior53 (Member # 3495) on 09-07-2003, 04:19 PM:
I have boxed before in Saphire, hasn't failed me. Never tried boxing with pokerus. It could have something to do with the pokerus maybe? It could distort the calculations. I am not too sure on this. "Psss.. I would give more credit to these guys Tidus"
Posted by Bugcatcher Ed (Member # 3289) on 09-07-2003, 10:23 PM:
Did you rare candy before or after you battled?
Posted by Twinkle (Member # 1690) on 09-08-2003, 02:08 AM:
Put your Alakazam as the first pokémon in your party, go to Slateport, and talk to the girl next to the Energy Guru at the market.
Posted by TIDUSBLITZABESX (Member # 3390) on 09-08-2003, 02:24 AM:
hi Bug Catcher Ed, yes I did rare candy him up before collecting EVs. As Abra Lv. 8 i fed it vitamins, then put the macho brace on, caught the Pokerus, then rare candied him up, and game linked for Alakazam and then maxed Alakazam to level 100, before collecing EVs. I don't think the effort ribbon will give me any extra?

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Posted by 137 (Member # 1465) on 09-08-2003, 02:44 AM:
The Effort Ribbon means that your EVs are full, and you don't need to train for anything besides level ups.
Posted by 137 (Member # 1465) on 09-08-2003, 08:35 AM:
When you feed him all the vitamins "except the last one" you have given him 500 Effort Points. He only has the capacity for 510. With the Brace and 'Rus he was maxed out after the third battle.
At L100 I would guess that you should gain 2 stat points in whatever stat is boosted by those opponents (if it was done in the order described, then Special Attack).
Rereading: maybe when you said you fed them 10 vitamins except for the last one, you meant that you still gave him some of the last vitamin, just not 10. If that's it, he only ate 1 of them, right? That's because each vitamin is worth 10 EPs, so 51 vitamins*10 Effort Points = 510 EPs. In that case, the box trick wouldn't do a damn thing because you can't gain EPs (from battling or otherwise) after they're full.

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