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Posted by TIDUSBLITZABESX (Member # 3390) on 09-05-2003, 03:12 AM:
IVs for Modest Kadabra Lv. 50 was 154. So I reset the game. Stuck a Macho Brace on him, Completely filled him up with Vitamins to the last drop. Now the final trick getting the Pokerus virus. Took me all day yesterday and today to finall run into a pokemon that passed it to me. I let my level 100 Blaziken catch it. I battled to spread the virus to Abra. OK that part was done.

Now I used Rare Candies on Abra to level 16, evolved it to Kadabra, while he had the macho brace on,filled with vitamins, and had the pokerus, up to level 16. Trade Evolved him to get Alakazam. Now in order to pick up more EVs per level I gave Alakazam more rare candies up to level 35.

Then Fought a Pile of Numels level 14-15. Slow levels since I had 2 Exp. Shares on Magemites. I started to think Alakazam's stats were unbelieveable. Then I checked my stat calculator.

IT said Level 57 He should have 233 for special attack, I only had 209. I had already accumulated some EVs. I even went over to pick up the effort ribbon and got it.

My question is If Kadabra had 154 Special attack for IVs at Level 50 how come the EVs arent even coming close to what they should be? and how can I cover that much ground to get to 400s for his special attack with EVs at level 100?

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Posted by 137 (Member # 1465) on 09-05-2003, 03:35 AM:
You seem to misunderstand something.
First, go to the lady in Slateport and get your Effort Ribbon. Your Kazam has had full EVs for a long time.

Each vitamin gives your poke 10 EVs in whatever stat. If you skipped Protein (like you should have) that means that you gave him 50 vitamins (10 for each of the stats besides Attack). That will put your EVs at 500 (5 stats * 10 EVs per vitamin * 10 vitamins each) out of 510 (I don't know why it's not 512).

Then, it only takes 5 (or 6 if I'm wrong about the 510 thing) Numels to max out the rest of the EVs, with Macho Brace equipped.

If you really did fill him with vitamins, then he also took 2 Proteins (or whatever you fed him last), which maxes out the EVs. You could have gone and got the Effort Ribbon then.

But, each stat can only benefit from 255 EVs (or just slightly less to account for potentially leftover EVs) at most, so you can put 255 more into a different stat in order to fill the EVs and get the Ribbon.

For your last question, I think the answer is that at low levels (immediate EV results aside) pokes only gain 1 or 3 points in a stat per level. At higher levels like 89, they'll gain 5 or more stat points consistently for each level up, in their strongest stats.
But there's only so much (namely, 510 points) that you can do to raise stats.

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Posted by TIDUSBLITZABESX (Member # 3390) on 09-05-2003, 01:31 PM:
Thanks 137, I will make sure I have it down before I move on here.

So your saying that only use vitamins on the stats I don't want to build the highest they can go, and to also start building for EVs at an earlier level?

I mean Pokurus + Macho Brace = 4x the EVs earned. So I probably could of maxed out the Special attack to 405 (Modest personality) if I didn't bother using a calcium on Abra?
Posted by 137 (Member # 1465) on 09-06-2003, 03:27 AM:
Okay, not that.
The way I'm calculating
B=Base Stats (135 in Kazam's case)
V=IVs or genes or DVs or whatever (31 possible)
E=EVs (effort values (63 possible)
P=Personality (1.1 or %110)

Now, "EV" as used in this equation is different than used in the post above (thanks to meowth) because Effort Value is .25 of the Effort Points. Effort Points (EPs) would be what is gained in Special Attack by fighting 1 Numel without a Macho Brace or Pokerus. So for every 4 Numels you would gain 1 point toward the Special Attack Stat. (Note that this stat point may not be immediately added to your actual, viewable stats at the next level up, but will eventually become yours by the time you reach L100.)

So, by my calculations, a Modest Alakazam can only reach exactly 400 (remember to round down at each step) in his viewable Special Attack stat, and that's with max EVs and max genes. I'd like to know where you heard 405, and if I'm wrong, I'd love for a more educated pogeymanner to tell me what's up.

Vitamins will add 10 Effort Points (EPs) each, to whatever applicable stat, so that if you fed Kazam 10 Calciums, that's 100 EPs. With a 255 EP max (what I meant in the above thread), he's almost 2/5 of the way to maxing out his Special Attack stat. If you have Macho Brace and Pokerus (EPs * 4) you only have to fight 39 or so Numels to max out your Special Attack. So, any vitamin is equivalent to fighting 10 of the pokes that will add 1 point to whatever stat.

Then you start to think about what other stat (most of the time it's Speed on Kazam) you want to max out, or if you want to distibute the rest evenly or whatever.

I hope that will cover it.

EDIT: by the way, that equation figures maximum possible stat for L100 pokemon in their personality-boosted stat.
For the diminished stat, P=.9 or 90%
For a neutral stat, omit P

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Posted by TIDUSBLITZABESX (Member # 3390) on 09-06-2003, 06:56 PM:
Strange, If a Modest Kadabra's IVs are at 31 for special attack which means his special attack is 154 at level 50. So that means Kadabra is close to Max Special Attack Correct? So if I raise him with EVs and such shouldn't I get close to 400 as alakazam?

With Alakazam's personality Modest I punched into the stat caculater (Which is now I think posted on the web).

I punched in 252 where the Spc Attk Row is Under EVs column, then the IVs are already added to the EVs automatically, plus the modest personality, and the pokemon's species which is Alakazam.
It rounds off automatically coming out to 405. So far I have been following this and it has hit it's mark. I don't remember who posted on the web and where but that person told me they were going to. If not and you have excel I will send you this format if you want to see it.

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Posted by XtreamWarrior53 (Member # 3495) on 09-07-2003, 04:21 PM:
Tidus, as I mentioned before. Try without the Pokerus and with just the Macho Brace instead.
Posted by LanderZRPG (Member # 1615) on 09-08-2003, 11:11 AM:

405 max stat, altogether, on Kazam.
Posted by 137 (Member # 1465) on 09-08-2003, 11:43 AM:
So, the above formula's wrong, if this calculator is right.
Does anyone know what exactly is off about the above formula?
Posted by LanderZRPG (Member # 1615) on 09-10-2003, 10:56 AM:
form.AttStat.value = Math.floor((Math.floor((((2*form.AttBase.value) - (-1*form.AttDV.value) - Math.ceil(form.AttEffort.value/-4))*form.Level.value)/100) - (-5))*form.AttPersonality.value);

Stat = (((((2*Base) + (DV) + (Effort/4)) * Level)/100) + 5) * Personality

135*2 = 270
+31 = 301
+63 Effort = 364
+5 = 369
*1.1 = 369+(36) = 405

You forgot the ever-elusive +5 :-)
Posted by 137 (Member # 1465) on 09-11-2003, 01:23 AM:
Wow. I hadn't been told about that.
Is the +5 for every application of the formula, or just those near L100?
P.S. Thanks
Posted by TIDUSBLITZABESX (Member # 3390) on 09-11-2003, 03:55 PM:
Phew you had me scared that my calculater I was following was off 137, though I understand thanks anyway. Thanks for clearing that up LanderZrpg.

I know why I couldn't max out my EVs. Strangely if you use all vitamins (last vitamin being 1 as always), combine with with Pokerus and Macho Brace the EVs won't max out [Confused] Anyone can try this if they want it just happens everytime. So I went with just the macho brace and the pokerus and I was able to max out what i wanted for EVs.

It is weird if you keep re-spreading the pokerus to new pokemon in your party you won't lose the effect. I just kept passing it on to ones that haven't gotten it. While the 4 days is up on one of the pokemon I have a whole other 4 days with another. Kinda cool!
Posted by NidoKing (Member # 1638) on 09-11-2003, 08:56 PM:

I know why I couldn't max out my EVs. Strangely if you use all vitamins (last vitamin being 1 as always), combine with with Pokerus and Macho Brace the EVs won't max out Anyone can try this if they want it just happens everytime. So I went with just the macho brace and the pokerus and I was able to max out what i wanted for EVs.

I think you're still missing an important point. If you give a pokemon all the vitamins it can take, then it's EVs are maxed out, so it's not strange that you couldn't raise the stats anymore. You have a total of 510 EV points to work with for each pokemon. Giving a pokemon all the vitamins is can take will fill up all those points, with some in every stat, so none of the stats will reach their maximum. If you want to train a certain stat as far as it will go, you have to give the pokemon only vitamins for that stat, and then train only that stat the rest of the way up. Each stat can have a maximum of 255 EV points, so you can only completely max out two stats on a pokemon.

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