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Posted by Sudowoodo (Member # 1768) on 06-07-2001, 07:38 AM:
Do the Lucky Punch and Egg work for Blissey as well? And is the Lucky Punch better than the Scope Lens?

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Posted by Ransu (Member # 1697) on 06-07-2001, 10:00 AM:
Lucky Punch= Gives Chanseey and Blissey WAY more CH (works better than Scope Lens)

I was going to post all the info on all the sig items but you probably know about the others

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Posted by Sudowoodo (Member # 1768) on 06-07-2001, 01:51 PM:
Thakns Ransu! That's pretty cool! I'll give my Blissey the Lucky Punch then. Does everyone agree with Ransu?

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Posted by Nirvana (Member # 1211) on 06-07-2001, 03:27 PM:
Ransu isn't wrong, but many prefer Leftovers because it recovers about 54HP every turn.

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Posted by Dabid (Member # 578) on 06-07-2001, 11:47 PM:
Whoa, so if Signature items work for evolutions, can I use the Light Ball on Raichu?

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Posted by Dragonite21 (Member # 475) on 06-08-2001, 02:31 AM:
Originally posted by Dabid:
Whoa, so if Signature items work for evolutions, can I use the Light Ball on Raichu?

Nope. It only works with Pikachu.

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Posted by MK (Member # 1445) on 06-10-2001, 10:39 PM:
10% power bonus:

Pink bow (Normal)
Polkadot bow (Normal)
Blackbelt (Fighting)
Sharp Beak (Flying)
Poison Pin (Poison)
Soft sand (Ground)
Hard stone (Rock)
Silverpowder (Bug)
Spell Tag (Ghost)
Metal Coat (Steel)
Charcoal (Fire)
Mystic Water (Water)
Miracle seed (Grass)
Magnet (Electric)
Bent Spoon (Psychic)
Nevermeltice (Ice)
Dragon fang (Dragon)
Darkglasses (Dark)

Berserk Gene : Increases attack greatly, but the Pokémon is confused

PZNcureberry - Removes 'Poison' status
Mint berry - Removes 'Sleep' status
Burnt Berry - Removes 'Burn' status
Ice Berry - Removes 'Frozen' status
PRZcureberry - Removes 'Paralyze' status
Bitter berry - Removes 'Confusion'
Miracleberry - Removes 'Poison', 'Sleep', 'Frozen', 'Burn', 'Paralyze', and
'Confusion'. All nuts are activated when Status change occurs.

Mysteryberry - When an attack's PP reaches 0, it will restore 5 PP.

Quick Claw - 23.4% chance of attacking first, even if your Pokémon is

King's Rock - 11.7% chance of causing the opponent to flinch whan an
attack is performed

Brightpowder - can reduce opponent's Accuracy when attacking by 7.8%

Focus Band - Even if on the verge of fainting, there's an 11.7% chance of
having 1HP remaining no matter what the attack.

Scope lens - Increases Critical hit rate by 1 (12.5%)

Stick (Farfetch'd only), Lucky Punch (Chansey only) - Increases Critical hit
rate by 2 (25%)

Light ball, Thick Club - Light ball is exclusive to Pikachu and raises Special
Attack 2x. Similarly, the Thick Club is exclusive to Cubone and Marowak,
and raises Attack 2x.

Metalpowder - Exclusively for Ditto. Raises Defense 1.5x

Leftovers - Each turn, recover's 1/16 of the user's Maximum HP

*Hopefully all of this is correct, but realize, there is a possibility for error, this has been a MK disclaimer*

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Posted by MK (Member # 1445) on 06-11-2001, 06:05 PM:
Anyone like to dance?
Posted by Jigglypuff (Member # 144) on 06-11-2001, 10:06 PM:
Well, you could have added just how much Bright Powder decreases accuracy, but we can find that in every other item guide.

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Posted by MK (Member # 1445) on 06-11-2001, 10:35 PM:
So it is done!
Posted by Sudowoodo (Member # 1768) on 06-12-2001, 05:07 AM:
I'm confuzzled! One person says it DOES work for Blissey, and another says it DOESN'T! Who can I trust?

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Posted by White Cat (Member # 42) on 06-13-2001, 03:14 PM:
Trust your feelings... or your own research.

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Posted by Mr.E (Member # 696) on 06-20-2001, 08:44 PM:
Mysteryberry doesn't necessarily kick in at 0 PP. In a Link Battle last week it was used on my Screech when I had 20+ PPs left for it, when it was supposed to be for Moonlight. -_-;;


Posted by MK (Member # 1445) on 06-23-2001, 04:35 PM:
Maybe MysteryBerry kicks in when PP reaches either 0% or is down by like 20 (ya know what I mean, whichever comes first) Anyone have any ideas or somethin?
Posted by Dark_Herakurosu (Member # 1677) on 06-23-2001, 05:48 PM:
I think Mysteryberry kicks in when any move is down by 5PP. I've had this happen on many occasions.

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