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Posted by Felix The Cat on 01-21-2001, 04:25 PM:
Hi, does anyone know if/where you can get a thick club other than finding a Marowak with it on it? Thanks alot for your help, adios

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Posted by NickWhiz1 (Member # 30) on 01-21-2001, 05:13 PM:
Find a Cubone that has Thick Club attached.

Seriously, you can only get it from wild Cubones/Marowaks or MAYBE by trading a Cubone/Marowak from RBY to GS.

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Posted by Thom Burr (Member # 1267) on 01-21-2001, 05:32 PM:
Originally posted by Felix The Cat:
Hi, does anyone know if/where you can get a thick club other than finding a Marowak with it on it? Thanks alot for your help, adios

Get the Thief TM from the Secret Rocket Base. Pick out a good, mid-level poke and teach it. Pigeot, Hoondoom, Fearow, Ratticate--any of these are fine.
Make sure the Thiefpoke is never holding an item. Its hand always have to be kept free.

Now,Lavendar, and travel north into the cave. On this level, Cubones appear about 3o% of the time. Go down one level further. In this level Cuboes are still at 302% and Marawaks are at 8%--so your cances of running into one of the are only a worse than 59/50.

Getting to work: Wander around the lower on the bicycle. Doing long back and forth rides works for me. You will have many random encounters. If one is a cubone or marowak, use Thief immediately. If you get anything, the game will tell you as soom as that attack is over, and after the battle, the TheifPoke will be carrying the item (and can't use Thief again till its removed.) Once you've hit one particular Cubone with Thief, there's no reason to do it again. Just kill with other attacks or flee. Thiis goes the same for non-Cubones down there. Either kill them or flee from them, BUT DON'T use Thief.

WHY? With only 10 PP's, it is very easy to run out, and it's too stupid a move to want to PP Up. So only use Thief once, and only on Cubone and Marowak. You'll still have to refuel several times in Levendar, I'll bet. I had to mug 48 of the buggers 'fore I got mine.

In order to speed things up, you turn off the battle graphics using the options choice at game start. The Thief graphic is really annoying, and the game goes mch faster once they are off.

Also, because of the amount of legwork involved, Thief/Hunting Missions are good times to work on breeding, hatching eggs, and encouraging Happy evols.

I hope this has been comprehensive; I am off to get back to try to get my Lucky Egg. So far: 32 dead Chanseys, 0 eggs. But I am a patient man.

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Posted by Felix The Cat on 01-21-2001, 05:49 PM:
Hey, thanks, NickWhiz1 and Thom Burr [your guide was especially helpful]! i will begin search for thick club immediately. Thanks again for your time and help!

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