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Posted by Moltres23 (Member # 26) on 12-30-2000, 04:58 AM:
Please Note: This is a rough copy with experimental data that has yet to be proven. It is simplified beyond necessity to accomodate everyone from newbies to experts. If you have proof this does or does not work or have breeding formulae that may help in my quest to breed for shiny pokemon, E-mail me at or

(Everything you've always wanted to know about HEX, but were afraid to ask, part deux)

In this section, I'm going to skip all of the stuff you really don't care about and tell you what you should DO to acheive the Shiny. There are two options...

Option 1:

Get a Ditto: Defense DV = 10, Special DV = 10

This will simplify the process immensely. If you can do this, stop reading and start breeding. A Ditto with these DVs is unlimited in breeding capability, save the unbreedables. It is the only shortcut to breeding a Genderless shiny, so if you want that Shiny Porygon, the buck stops here.

Option 2:

Breed your Shiny Gyarados:

That's right, the Gyarados that everyone clogs with HMs and then boxes is back to stud. This Gyarados has the key DV's which can be passed on to create generations of Shinys. The process is far more arduous than the Ditto method, but if you don't have the (master) balls, the Gyarados method is the way to go.


1. Shiny Gyarados (either Male or Female, but Male is preferable)

2. At least 45 Rare Candies (if you don't like to clone items, you'd better get yourself a Pocket Pickachu 2 post haste!)

3. Recipient Pokemon (this is the pokemon you want to glitter!)

4. Chain Pokemon (this/these are the pokemon you need to get your recipient to glitter!)

5. Mucho Denero (after breeding a while, it gets expensive. if you go broke, they hold your studs hostage!)



The first is Necrosario's Pokemon Homepage. The latter is the famous Greycloak Statfinder. VERY IMPORTANT!!!

Step One: It's Raining Men!

Check: Is your Shiny Gyarados Male?

If: Yes, go to step two.

If: No, keep reading.

So, you Shiny Gyarados is a Female. (I don't even know if this is possible, but I'll type it up anyway.) Well, to keep it short, you'll have to do a little more work then most. What you have to do is breed your Shiny Sheela so as to obtain an egg. (it doesn't matter who the father is) Once you've hatched a Male, save, and Rare Candy to Level 50. Go to GC's statfinder and check it Defense and Special DV's. The Defense WILL be 10, if the special is anything other than 10, scrap it and try again. Keep repeating this untill you obtain a Male Magikarp with 10 for both Defense and Special DV wise.

Step Two: Love Connection

And now, using Necrosario's page, compare the Breedability of your Recipiant. (Breedability is marked 1-F in really big print.)

Gyarados has a breedability of CE, so your pokemon must have either C or E to breed directly. Otherwise, you'll need to find a Chain. I want a Shiny Eevee, so I'll be using Arbok as the Chain link. Any pokemon with the breedability of A will be unable to breed with Gyarados at all. If you really want an "A" Shiny, go get your Ditto. There may be more that will require Ditto, but I'm not going to bother listing them all.

Step Three: The (Redneck) Family Tree

Once you've found your chain, if any, and you've got your Guy-rados, it's time for some (in)breeding!
Mate your Gyarados with your Chain untill you hatch a FEMALE. Then save and candy it to 50 and check the DV's. If the DV's are 10/10 Def/Spec, it's a keeper.

Now, you have to (in)breed that child with the nearest compatible Male. (Usually this means the Father) Hatch eggs untill you get a MALE. Check the DV's again. If it's 10/10 Def/Spec, it's a keeper.

Take this Male and breed with the next chain and repeat from the "*****" replacing the names of the pokemon as necessary.

Step Four: The Moment of Truth!

Once you have your final Male Chain, get your Recipient, make sure it's female. If it isn't and/or can't be, get a Ditto (hmm... shoulda toldya that earlier. ^_^;;; ).

Breed your Recipient untill you hatch a FEMALE! Candy it to 50 and check the DV's. If you notice the Def and Spec DV's match the fathers, it's a keeper. Inbreed the critter with the father ad nausium. Eventually, you will get a Shiny.

And that's all there is to it. It takes INFINITE Patience, but if you really want it, it pays off.


The odds are approx 1/64 eggs resulting in a Shiny. GET CRACKING!

This is, as of yet, untested information. I am not even sure if this will work, but you can beleive I will keep trying. I will have my Shiny Flareon eventually!!!

-Moltres23 Innovations-

(Reproduction of this material will require acknowledgement of the Author [that's me])

Special Thanks:

Necrosario [Hackmaster]
GreyCloak [Statmaster]
Pokemon Forever [Instigater]
Azure Hights [^_^]
Me [Man with No Life]

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Posted by Brayze (Member # 1286) on 12-30-2000, 06:01 AM:
This should work.

One question though....
are there any benefits to being shiny aside from.... shininess?

...because if not, I'll stick with my DEF 15 SPEC 13 DV ditto...



Posted by Lark84 (Member # 1186) on 12-30-2000, 06:48 AM:
According to Moltres 23, this is what they do:

Originally posted by Moltres23:
They really have no effect other than to dazzle the opponent. If you do manage to get a Shiny, put it on your team.
It'll have a 50% chance of having absolute crap for HP, and its quite shy of max for just about anything, but it looks cool! People will bow before you just for that fact! ^_^

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Posted by Felix The Cat on 12-30-2000, 11:10 AM:
i'm sure a child won't breed with its parents [i've tried], and it said it's "brimming with energy"...

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Posted by Meowth346 (Member # 166) on 12-30-2000, 09:02 PM:
That "brimming with energy" means that the two Pokemon have the same Defense and Special genes...the reason why Shinies can't breed with each other (remember that when someone says that their two shinies bred and had a shiny child...they're lieing!)


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Posted by Felix The Cat on 12-31-2000, 11:33 AM:
Hey, that makes sense, because i actually [in my quest for a max stat Ditto, when i thought you could inbreed for max stats] got 2 Dittos with the exact same stats, and the offspring of one would not breed with the other's parents.

Since i have a Ditto with special and defense DVs of 10, can anyone confirm these calculations [based on my interpritation of Meowth's page]?

chances of getting the correct DVs:
defense: 16/16
special: 8/16?
attack: 8/16
speed: 1/16

chance of producing a shiney baby with my Ditto:
1024/65536 = 1/64
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Posted by Lark84 (Member # 1186) on 01-06-2001, 11:30 AM:
I've read this and it makes sense. But:

If I want to breed a special move onto a pokémon (like petal dance to bulbasaur) and make it shiny, how do I do then?

Is this the way to go?

Get a male gloom with def. and spc. DV's of 10, make it learn petal dance, and breed with a bulbasaur. Would that work?

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Posted by Moltres23 (Member # 26) on 01-11-2001, 01:30 PM:
Yeah, I found out about the Inbreeding thing the hard way. However, it's still possible to breed for a shiny. What's confusing to me is why the Special DV transfers without any apparent randomness. For me it's transfered directly about 90% of the time, and then 10% of the time my DV of 10 is reduced to 2. I've been thinking it has something to do with the speed of the parents, but I'd rather not bother testing it out. As long as I am getting 10 DVs for Spec, it's good.

As for breeding moves on as well as breeding for shiney, it's quite easy, Lark. Just get a Female of the Pokemon that you wish to be Shiny with the 10 on 10 DVs. Then, get a compatible male Pokemon with the move you wish to be inherited. For example, I have a Female Eevee with 10 on 10 DefSpec. I also have a male Eevee with a different ID no. that knows Flail. Thus, I can get Eggs really quickly and all the children have Flail.

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