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Posted by kung_fucius (Member # 390) on 11-27-2000, 09:46 PM:
my eevee seriously won't evolve... i've been leveling it up and giving it haircuts etc. until the lady that checks your pkmn said that thing about how it really trusts me and it still won't evolve. i've leveled it up 7 levels since she said that and nothing... and i go back and check what she said after each level up.

it's not holding the everstone either.

any ideas what's going on?

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Posted by Sifu Peng (Member # 885) on 11-27-2000, 09:52 PM:
One of Confucius’s teachings is of patience. Take it from your friendly neighborhood sifu here, keep on doing what you are doing and it will eventually evolve. Of course, you could just stuff it full of stat boosters...

EDIT: I read it, and it sounded wrong, so I changed it.

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Posted by cfalcon (Member # 19) on 11-27-2000, 10:44 PM:
You should try to give it stat-ups: that has a positive effect on happiness.


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Posted by kung_fucius (Member # 390) on 11-28-2000, 04:17 PM:
yeah... i guess i'll stay the course, stat boosters, haircuts, and lvl up until it finally does.... i was surprised that it didn't evolve after she said it trusted me cause my togepi did the very next level.

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