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Posted by Juice (Member # 968) on 10-13-2000, 06:51 PM:
For some odd reason I love Porygon,the 137th Pokemon.He is probably the most unique out of the origional 150 species.I say this because he can use such abilitys as Sharpen,Recover,and Conversion.He has a wide variety of moves and TMs that you can download into him,making him a great(in my opinion)Pokemon to use.If you agree with this concept,then write in why exactly you like it.Movesets,war stories,etc.

1.Thunder Wave
Reason:He is not the fastest PKM to use.This moves fits in nicely If you want to use conversion or a stat inducing move.Always useful when your opponent is parylyzed.

Reason:I mainly will use this when I am dueling with a Special Typed PKM.I use this with Thunder-Wave to pull off the match.PKMs same type moves won't affect that kind of PKM in most situations.

Reason:If I'm running low then it is always a good idea to have Rest/Recover for that grateful replenish of HP.

Reason:It is a good idea to keep using this move repeatedly to lower the opponents Special rating,thus making the dreaded attack Psychic that much more powerful...turn by slow turn.The only Type in the Red,Blue and Yellow cartdriges that it dosn't have affect on,is of course the moves type Psychic.

My current moveset(above)may not work in some situations.My strategy whenever I battle a Special elemented PKM is to Thunder-Wave,Conversion(so I match the targets type,making me invulnerable to that opponents same type special attacks),Finish with repeated Psychics Recovering when neccesary.If you have any compliments or suggestions to this setup you can write in and let me know.



Posted by KingZapdos (Member # 672) on 10-13-2000, 07:01 PM:
You're not immune to that type, only resisant (most of the time). Psychic is NOT immune to psychic. And only one low PP move will lose to something like a Chansey.



Posted by Wintermute (Member # 5) on 10-13-2000, 07:22 PM:
I'm a huge Porygon fan. "Wintermute" is actually the name of my first Porygon, named for the AI in the novel Neuromancer.

You've identified several of the same reasons I find them appealing. Uniqueness: I like pokémon with bizarre physiologies, and P-gon just about takes the cake. (I'll probably like that G/S guy who looks like a squiggle drawn in black marker.)

Slow-starter: With Conversion, Recover, and probably some other non-offensive move to combine with Recover, P-gon takes a while to set up. It does make me think of a virus that works itself in slowly, and only does damage when it's nice and entrenched.

Unfortunately, its stats are too low for it to be a major player, but Wintermute has done well in a link battle that banned the birds and Mewtwo (and some other pesky things, like TMs). In fact, he was only stopped when he ran out of PP.

I even took 'Mute to an official Tourney once, but didn't get to use him. >_< In Pokecup (he's L50), they didn't let us use Recover or Rest AT ALL, which kind of blew his whole strategy.

Posted by Juice (Member # 968) on 10-15-2000, 11:34 AM:
What was your main offensive move?



Posted by Wintermute (Member # 5) on 10-15-2000, 01:23 PM:
Psybeam. Again, we had agreed not to use TMs. I might still have taken it over Psychic, because 'Mute's moveset is just the sort where PP is perhaps more important than max damage potential.

The absurdly long discussion of this issue on the Psychic attacks page was born partly of this experience.

Posted by Tyranitar Titan (Member # 939) on 10-15-2000, 06:37 PM:
I think porygon2 could end up being one of the best, if not the best non-legendary pokemon in g/s, in the right hands anyway.

I might be able to breed the best pokemon in G/S.....


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Posted by MasterTMC (Member # 918) on 10-15-2000, 11:17 PM:
Where do you get porygon in g/s, and where is upgrade?

It's not wiether you win or lose, it's wiether I win or lose.

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Posted by cfalcon (Member # 19) on 10-16-2000, 01:04 PM:
Well, Porygon2's stats aren't horrible:

HP: 65 -> 85
ATT: 60 -> 80
DEF: 70 -> 90
SPD: 40 -> 60
SpAtk: 85 -> 105
SpDef: 75 -> 95

Which is nice... I have no opinion as to whether he could be dragged to tourny or not.

Not yet...


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