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Posted by mysterious stranger (Member # 651) on 07-11-2000, 02:12 PM:
Ho come ponyta con learn tm44 rest, while rapidash cant?



Posted by Netbrian (Member # 482) on 07-11-2000, 02:15 PM:
It's a typo... Everything besides Magikarp, Weedle, Kakuna, Caterpie, Metapod, and Ditto can learn Rest.



Posted by mysterious stranger (Member # 651) on 07-13-2000, 03:20 PM:
In a strategy gide.
Don't remember the name.



Posted by Netbrian (Member # 482) on 07-13-2000, 10:04 PM:
Well, I can tell you that stragety guides AREN'T reliable sources... Especially the Nintendo one. If it was, I could have Jolteon with Ice Beam. =P



Posted by Philbo (Member # 443) on 07-14-2000, 05:51 AM:
That would rock......

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