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Posted by Dark Annon (Member # 566) on 07-10-2000, 10:15 PM:
Does anyone still have the list of Pokemon that appear depending on the letters in your name? And in G/S how is Health determined now that there's an extra 4 bits left because of Special Defense?



Posted by ZZTRaider (Member # 86) on 07-11-2000, 11:09 AM:
I've seen one before, but I forgot where.

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Posted by Dark Annon (Member # 566) on 07-11-2000, 01:49 PM:
I know it onlt has to do with the leters in the third, fifth, and seventh spots on your name. I have s and e and get Rapidash and Charmeleon.



Posted by Netbrian (Member # 482) on 07-11-2000, 02:25 PM:
In G/S, there is no seperate DV for special defense. It uses the same one as Special Attack uses. Oh, I'm 99% certain it uses the first six bytes in your name for the MISSINGNO. glich.

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Posted by GolemKong (Member # 16) on 07-11-2000, 02:57 PM:
I know that MewtwoSama had a page w/ them.. but it was hosted at the UPNetwork and was delted when they had "problems".. So it does exist.. Not quite sure where to find it tho.. *goes off looking*.

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Posted by Dark Annon (Member # 566) on 07-12-2000, 12:30 PM:
Special Defense is the same in R/B/Y/G, not in G/S. So is health calculated differently now?



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