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Posted by 10,000Lb.Snorlax (Member # 13) on 03-20-2000, 04:43 PM:
I'm going to work on a little simulator for my stadium, in which I re-create all of the Nintendo Gym leader's pokémon, and then
battle them using my own pokémon to see how I fare. Kind of like practicing for the real tournament. I'm interested to see how my
new Snorlax would handle things.

I need some help assembling all of the Gym leader's pokémon and movesets. If anyone remembers each Gym Leader's pokés I
would sure appreciate some info. Also if you remember which pokémon they led with, it would be helpful. PP would be an added plus
for Mewtwos. If I can recreate their teams perfectly You could actually be able to prove whether a stratedgy would work or not.

Both East and West Gym leader's pokémon
Stats if you know them
Names of pokémon
Which pokémon leads

I think this would be a great way to see if perspective teams can actually handle a Gym team.

If I had a Snorlax, I'd use him as a Bed

Posted by cfalcon (Member # 19) on 03-20-2000, 07:12 PM:

East Coast had three "winners" (monsters used when the competition looked stiff). I don't know what the other three were, but I recall an Articuno with Agility...

This is probably what anyone on this board would face:

Mewtwo "grep"
max speed, near max or max on everything else.
max PPups for all moves.

Always throws out a sub if it can afford to, when played correctly.

Jolteon "cron"
Double Team
max speed, other stats probably high.

Jolteon leads, (even though I have a grass and a ground on my team), and throws a toxic out, in general. Against my Sandslash, however, he retreated, facing me instead with:

Starmie "sed"
Double Team (*not* Minimize)
Unknown stats.

Again, the purpose seemed to be to poison the enemy, though like cron, it throws out Double Teams whenever it can.

When you test these monsters against yours, you owe it to yourself to max them out on stat EXP and genes. The ones they had were close to perfect, and you shouldn't rely on the weakness of your opponent in general.

Hope this helps,




Posted by 10,000Lb.Snorlax (Member # 13) on 03-20-2000, 07:29 PM:
cfalcon-- Once again you information proves to be invaluable. I will pay homeage to your personage by buring incense and lighting candles. Thank you.

So it's the same for both coasts then?
And do you think that if I acted like I was a newbie, he'd sendout his other team? Or is that only for eight year olds?

If I had a Snorlax, I'd use him as a Bed

Posted by Hackman (Member # 131) on 03-25-2000, 01:20 PM:
I'm not exactly an expert on this but...

At the TCG mall tour in the SF Bay area, the nintendo reps I fought had a starmie, 'X'... I forgot the moves. I was also surprised to see a charizard (named CHARICE) have ice punch (lucky shot at that, my mewtwo's metronomed mimic copied it...)


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