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Posted by Gary Oak (Member # 1028) on 03-21-2004, 03:59 PM:
Ninjask @ cheri berry
Trait Speed Boost
Personality Careful (+SpD -SpA)
~Silver Wind
~Swords Dance
~Baton Pass

Deals with Psychic and Dark types on its own using Silver Wind/SD combo. BPs to any of my physical attackers mainly Slaking.

Slaking @ leftovers
Trait Truant
Personality Adamant (+Att -SpA)
~Hyper Beam
~Shadow Ball
~Slack Off

Receives BP from Ninjask and dishes out using SB and EQ mainly with a couple of measures in place to restore HP and keep it going as long as possible.

Blaziken @ shell bell
Trait Blaze
Personality Lonely (+Att -Def)
~Sky Uppercut
~Bulk Up
~Sunny Day

Possible receiver of BP. Deals with Normal, grass, and steel types with support moves to boost its power.

Latios @ soul dew
Trait Levitate
Personality Modest (+SpA -Att)
~Luster Purge

Psychic is my favorite type and I wanted to have no old pokemon on this team and Gardevior is used a lot so I chose Latios. T-Bolt gives electric support cause I have no electric type. Luster Purge because it reduces SpD and Safeguard because it was so damn handy in Stadium 2.

Kyogre @ lum berry
Trait Drizzle
Personality Modest (+SpA -Att)
~Calm Mind
~Ice Beam

Special based sweeper. Thunder to give electric support, Ice Beam because its my only opportunity to give my team any ice support. Surf because its similiar to giving Psychic to Mewtwo, through the roof special and STAB. Calm Mind to add insult to injury but it probably won't be used much.

Salamence @ scope lens
Trait Intimidate
Personality Adamant (+Att -Def)
~Dragon Claw
~Dragon Dance
~Aerial Ace

Possible receiver of BP. Uses Dragon Dance to power up and be a physical sweeper with EQ and AA, scope lens to give it extra umph. Dragon Claw to give my team a Dragon attack.
Posted by MK (Member # 1445) on 03-29-2004, 02:25 AM:
Seems good to me, nice and cheap heh-heh...

But to beat teh cheating computer, you gotta do it, seems good...

Karpe Diem