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Posted by Tenshi no Myu (Member # 1120) on 11-21-2003, 02:27 PM:
For some reason I've grown to like to this dinofish.. anyway, I was thinking up movesets for the guy, and came up with two:

@Leftovers (+SpDef, -Spd)

The Yawn/Protect combo could work really well with slow pokemon: Send it out, Yawn (and if the opponent switches, it will hit the newcomer), Protect against whatever move, and start dishing it out. In Relicanth's case, it'll probably be an electric type, but even if its a type it can't KO w/Earthquake, its still asleep.

@Chesto (+SDef or Atk, -Spd)
~Ancient Power/DoubleEdge

With its high Atk and Def, Amnesia can turn Relicanth into a decent threat. Of course, this set will work better if he's used late-game, when his main weaknesses have hopefully been eliminated. If this Reli has Swift Swim, a Rain Dancer could maybe set up for it beforehand, too.

A max SpDef stat for a Relicanth is 251, which isn't bad. Personally, I'd put full Evs into Atk and SpDef with the Yawning Reli, and 255 into Atk, 100 into Def, and 155 into HP for the Amnesia one.

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