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Posted by Uiru (Member # 437) on 04-29-2003, 12:14 PM:
This is the first team I've ever made that has such a rigid structure.

First Wave: Ninjask and Alakazam

Calm (+S. Def, -Attack)
EV: +63 HP, +32 DF, +32 SD
Speed Boost (+1 Speed every turn)

Swords Dance
Baton Pass

Modest (+S. Atk, -Attack)
EV: +63 SP, +63 SA
Synchronize (reflects status ailments)
Lum Berry

Calm Mind

Ninjask's purpose should be obvious. Alakazam's purpose is to draw fire from Ninjask. By presenting two potentially huge threats, opponents will have to choose one or the other to go after- they'll either get Ninjask and have to deal with an Alakazam with a four digit SA or they'll get Alakazam and will have fallen for it. Ideally, though, both will survive, but even if not, Phase Two begins now.

Phase Two: Blaziken and Shiftry

Jolly (+Speed, -S. Atk)
EV: +63 AT, +63 SP
Blaze (At low HP, Fire damage increases by 50%)

Blaze Kick
Bulk Up

Adamant (+Attack, -S. Atk)
EV: +63 AT, +63 SP
Chlorophyll (doubles Speed in sunlight)
Choice Band


Ninjask BPs at least one Swords Dance and a Speed boost to Blaziken. While this happens, Alakazam switches out to Shiftry. Blaziken immediately Endures while Shiftry Explodes, granting Blaziken a maximum power Reversal along with its healthy Speed boost. Plus, two of the opponent's Pokémon have been decimated. Shiftry may not be good for much, but with base 100 AT and 80 SP, it blows up real nice.

WHAT I NEED TO KNOW: If Blaziken Endures, it may get hit with other attacks besides Explosion. Will it Endure all of them? If it doesn't, this whole team is ruined. ^_^;;

Backup: Regice and Heracross

Relaxed (+Defence, -Speed)
EV: +63 HP, +63 DF
Clear Body (prevents opponents' stat lowering)

Icy Wind

Jolly (+Speed, -S. Atk)
EV: +63 AT, +63 SP
Swarm (At low HP, Bug damage increases by 50%)
Black Belt?

Bulk Up

In a perfect world, once Blaziken has powered up, Alakazam will switch in after Shiftry goes apeshit and resume Calm Minding, twisting things into pretzels with Psychic. But maybe Alakazam fell already. Maybe Ninjask got taken out early? That's where the backup comes in. You'll note that Blaziken and Heracross have Speed-favoring natures instead of Attack-favoring natures, and are swinging seemingly redundant Bulk Ups. This is because one Icy Wind from Regice will make the two faster than anything Electrode-level or below. (That leaves Deoxys and Ninjask, IF they have Speed-favoring natures as well.) Regice is Ninjask's backup, and after Icy Winding both opponents, it can tank up with Curse while Blaziken or Heracross tank up with Bulk Up. Should it feel the urge, Endure+Explosion can be repeated. Heracross is more or less a copy of Blaziken that can be used instead of, before, or after, should Blaziken be defeated. If Ninjask is feeling up to it it can even pass a Speed boost to Heracross beforehand, quick and easy.

Do any of those pinch berries increase Accuracy? If so, that's what's going on Heracross. Maybe an Attack pinch berry for Blaziken, just to layer it a little? Or perhaps Speed would be better, just in case. Hmm.
Posted by Ancient Egyptian Cat-Gonk (Member # 14) on 04-30-2003, 11:45 AM: says:
That's damn creative
i was impressed
he's an RPGamer too, who would have thought

I'd suggest possibly a Disgustingly Standard Roselia over Kazam just to give them something to aim for at the's a more inviting target. In any case you could probably do with the Aromatherapy to avoid Burns, which could mess things up a bit for this attack-based team.
Posted by Uiru (Member # 437) on 02-20-2006, 09:03 AM:
I'm bumping this because I feel it is relevant to announce that I finally bothered to actually breed the good Seedot for it. I hate breeding so fucking much. It has +Speed and 30 Speed IV, and its Attack is either 30 or 31 (my Emerald game currently doesn't have enough rare candies to figure out which, oh well).

Experience and accumilation of knowledge provides the following updates:
-I love Salac Berries; Ninjask gets a Liechi if I ever find the fucking island
-Alakazam's DF gets the love instead of SA; Calm Mind helps the SA enough as it is
-Alakazam may get dumped now for a Follow Me user, who I would expect to live longer- hopefully I can still spot a Rock Slider like I used to

Beating Orre Colloseum with the first team I actually bothered to raise up (Slaking, Metagross, Butterfree, Gardevoir, Milotic, Gengar) taught me a lot, I must say. I wish I could critical hit on command. Motherfuckers.

I'm looking through the archives because I'm looking for data to harvest... I've finally formatted rsdex.txt into a HTML table after three days of feverish typing, which I will gladly display in its unfinished form if requested... it's unfinished because I'm going to add move tutors and XD attacks and shit to it first. Plus all the images link to my hard drive because I was lazy, and I haven't done the simple find->replace on it to fix it also because I am lazy. I'm also looking for a list of experience growth rates (ie. who takes 1250000, who takes 600000, etc) which I know is here somewhere (for the stat table I want to start now). I blame all this on XD. I hear of one Morning Sun Butterfree and I'm off like a shot. And Moltres too, wtf?

Reading all this old stuff is hilarious, though. Good ol' 202 v 386. Thank God that's not relevant anymore.
Posted by TeamArticuno (Member # 3797) on 02-21-2006, 12:45 AM:
I'm not sure if you guys talking about Gales of Darkness, or R/S? Reason being, not far enough yet to know if you can breed in Gales of Darkness.

As you guys are the master minds of combos, statistics and such, I trust Uiru's stategy here work's with flying colors. Just allot of your strategy Uiru went over my head. I never played too much with stat boosts, stat abnormalties etc. Purely trying to power my way through.

So people like me wouldn't see Ninjasks role against a Fire, Ice, Lightning, or Flying type. So Protect some how buys you time? Then your next move is attract, Swords Dance, then Baton Pass?

I have bright powder as a held item to Ursuring, it's rare he doesn't get hit. This based on hidden stat increase? Evasion, etc.? Wouldn't Sight Scope be better?

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Posted by Uiru (Member # 437) on 02-21-2006, 06:46 AM:
Just about every one of those hold items are obsolete. Ninjask gets Liechi Berry, Heracross gets Salac Berry, and Blaziken gets the S. Atk berry whose name escapes me (Goddamn berries).

If there's something afoot that can do damage to Ninjask (and God knows there's enough of those running around) it has to choose between tanking Alakazam and tanking Ninjask. And Ninjask, at worst, will Endure (aha update) down to 1 HP, activate Liechi Berry, then get the Speed Boost and BP off next turn.

The Clefable with Follow Me would be better for this, as it makes it mandatory that it be attacked and not Ninjask. Rock Slide is the only thing that can go wrong here (Moltres' Heat Wave won't cut it). And now that I think about it, you need STAB Rock Slide to kill Ninjask, and a Reflect would go a long way here... There are only three Rock types in the game that outrun Clefable, and Tyranitar does it by one base point, so that one could go either way (I'll just have to make sure my Clefable has maximum possible Speed). Nobody uses Kabutops anyway.

Perhaps I could use both Protect and Endure... Protect to find out if Aerodactyl is using Rock Slide or Ancientpower, while Clefable Reflects. Swords Dance after that with Follow Me support, Endure next turn if the Berry doesn't kick in, and off we go. Attract was filler anyway.

Should Ninjask die (which is a very real possibility; I'm not expecting miracles here) Blaziken and Heracross can boost their own stats while Regice brings down opponents' Speed. It won't be as clearcut, but it is a backup plan. They'll also have to deal with the powered up Alakazam, if he doesn't go and get himself replaced with Clefable, which is looking likely at this point... Stupid Clefable. [Big Grin]
Posted by TeamArticuno (Member # 3797) on 02-21-2006, 06:40 PM:
I can see a tad better what your doing, now that I played a few hard Simms discs on Gales of Darkness. Hard to me that is. Which you kinda never expect to have to purposely kill one of your fellow pokemon.

I kinda can follow a tad better now. What I wasn't aware of is, passing boost abilities to swapped pokemon.

Ninjasks role, an evade type tank nice. As for Alakazam I always thought to be more of a good sweeper. You use calm mind, take him out; Calm Mind boost passes on the the entering pokemon? Interesting, I didn't calm mind past on, I always thought it got canceled as soon as you swapped.

I have to play more simms in Gales of Darkness, so I don't too stupid here lol. I'll look for more combinations, as the one you have lined up seems to be soemthing that would work without fail, well with the backup you have, I can't see a loss here. Unless you were trying to capture a pokemon.

I'd love to pull off something with Articuno, carrying on Accuracy, Speed, and Evasive type stats for Sheer cold [Razz] I forgot what kind of Special ability Articuno has, as to date.

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Posted by Uiru (Member # 437) on 02-22-2006, 06:56 AM:
Baton Pass only passes on the stats the user has; since Ninjask can't have Calm Mind, he can't pass it on.

Articuno's trait is Pressure, which means opponents lose 2 PP instead of one (note that an attack with 1 PP left can still be used). There's no boost to pass along that increases Accuracy; the best way to make Sheer Cold usable is to use Mind Reader as well. Mind Reader + Sheer Cold is a guaranteed 2HKO as long as the opponent A) isn't Sturdy and B) doesn't have Protect. Unlike the other OHKOs, there's no type that inherently resists it. And most Sturdy Pokémon are Rock type, with the possible exception of Magneton.

(I wonder if you can Endure a OHKO? Hmm.)
Posted by TeamArticuno (Member # 3797) on 02-22-2006, 12:19 PM:
Thanks, that's just one thing I have in mind, im sure it won't work in the anything goes challenge off the story part in Gales of Darkness. I wouldn't want to work off one strategy alone, ill make a new thread, so I don't ruin yours.
Posted by PikachuThunder (Member # 22) on 02-22-2006, 09:47 PM:
Originally posted by Uiru:
(I wonder if you can Endure a OHKO? Hmm.)

Last I heard, yesh.

I just recently picked up Emerald again.
Posted by TeamArticuno (Member # 3797) on 02-23-2006, 01:31 PM:
Endure can be built on to make the % more effective?

I used Enure just for the heck of it, in Fire red. I still got killed in one hit (low level pokemon). I was annoyed, but then I figured there must of been something I missed.

Karpe Diem