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Posted by SSM (Member # 3210) on 03-22-2003, 09:20 PM:
It's my planned team for Sapphire, and it's also what is most likely going to be underused pokemon. Hurray.

General Team Overview: The team is meant for a lot of damage as quickly as possible with Dusclops taking serious blows as needed. The team utilizes both the quick strike and the defensive abilities that are presented to themselves. The one or two stat-upping moves allows for a strong hit and then a switch into Dusclops, who wastes the opponent's PP and will hopefully down some of the opponent's pokemon. Offensively, I have two special-only pokemon, one physical-only pokemon, and two that can do both, although leaning more towards physical. Type-Wise, I have to worry about bug, ice, and flying, but not really that much, as the highest the amount of weaknesses on my team is 2.

Female Dusclops (Onix11)
Trait: Pressure (Doubles PP cost of opponent's moves)
Personality: Calm (+SpD, -Att)
Stat Allotment: Maxing out Def and SpD
Moveset: Will-o-Wisp, Confuse Ray, Night Shade, Mean Look@Leftovers
Reasoning: My damage absorber. With 130 base defense and special defense, it should be able to take many hits despite it's 40 base hp. The moveset allows Dusclops to hold a pokemon and halve their attack with Will-o-Wisp, helping it's staying power even more.

Female Ludicolo (Dav1dL)
Trait: Rain Dish
Personality: Modest (+SpA, -Att)
Stat Allotment: Even allotment between HP, Def, SpD, and SpA
Moveset: Rain Dance, Ice Beam, Razor Leaf, Surf@Leftovers
Reasoning: A good amount of recovery and special attack for the team, a key special attacker.

Male Swampert (Rain_Dance)
Trait: Torrent (Boosts Water Attacks in a "pinch")
Personality: Brave (+Att, -Speed)
Stat Allotment: Maxing out Att and SpD
Moveset: Hydro Pump, Earthquake, Curse, Roar@Leftovers
Reasoning: It is physically powerful and because of it's speed, it should have first opportunity with roar. It also takes advantage of Ludicolo's Rain Dance to help with Hydro Pump.

Male Altaria (Drake)
Trait: Natural Cure (Cures Status ailments upon switching)
Personality: Quiet (+SpA, -Speed)
Stat Allotment: Maxing out SpA and Att
Moveset: Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Rest@Leftovers
Reasoning: It uses Dragon Dance to attack quick, rests, and then switches out, curing status ailments.

Female Grumpig (Donald)
Trait: Thick Fat (I'm really quite not sure about this one, because I've heard that it is resistance to ice and fire attacks and I've heard it's immunity to being burned and frozen, but in either case, it's better then confusion immunity.)
Personality: Timid (+Speed, -Att)
Stat Allotment: Maxing out Special Attack and Speed
Moveset: Substitute, Calm Mind, Psychic, Confuse Ray@Leftovers
Reasoning: It confuses the opponent, raises the substitute, and then calm minds up for a psychic.

Male Hariyama (Dracoplasm)
Trait: Guts (Attack up in a "pinch")
Personality: Adamant (+Att, -SpA)
Stat Allotment: Maxing out Attack and HP
Moveset: Cross Chop, Earthquake, Counter, Bulk Up@Leftovers
Reasoning: If it can't have CC and Counter, I'll probably replace CC with Dynamicpunch, because this allows it with it's high hp to OHKO any unboosted flying attack in the realm of 202 pokemon. It uses bulk out to raise it's already high attack and goes to work.

[EDIT]: Just some explination of what I was thinking, seeing as how there might be some confusion.

HOA: Roar always goes last. It has priority to go last. Low speed helps roar, seeing how that will mean when Swampert attacks, if the opponent also has roar, my roar will work and not his, unless RS changed roar again and made it so the first roar works and not the second one, which is the opposite of how it works on gsbot. As for Altaria, Earthquake works better with Dragon Dance. Altaria is meant to be able to deal a good amount of damage quick while still being able to take some blows. It would either be Earthquake or Return, and I simply thought Earthquake would be better in this case, since it will be able to take out more water pokemon than return could.

Donald: I don't plan on having Grumpig versus a dark, hence why I have Hariyama. Besides, it doesn't learn any decent special attacks besides Psychic. As for Dusclops, 100 damage is a lot stacked with burns and possible hitting-yourself-in-confusion. I might, however, switch it with Pain Split *Shrugs*

Hariyama in general: So you all are saying that Hariyama doesn't need Bulk up and counter? Here's a question. What about when Hariyama is first switched in? Counter can work when Hariyama isn't bulked up yet. It helps a great deal against highly physical pokemon, and if the opponent has higher defense, counter helps there, too.

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Posted by Tghost (Member # 1418) on 03-22-2003, 09:48 PM:
Firstly, with your stat allotment (also known as effort values/stat experience), after you max out two, there is no remaining to put anywhere.

Secondly, there's really no Underused class in R/S - there's not that many good statted Pokemon left - so, the Pokemon you've used here have already been seen quite alot in other teams here.

Dusclops could really use some form of Recovery, especially if it is a whipping boy - after all, despite it's defenses, it's HP will be it's downfall, especially since you've allocated no effort value (stat experience) to it (See my first point)

Hariyama can get Counter and Cross Chop - Breelom (Leans Counter) > Cacturne > Machamp (Learns Cross Chop) > Hariyama

Also on Hariyama, Guts doesn't increase attack in a pinch, but when inflicted with a status condition.
Posted by HolyOmeganAngel (Member # 2565) on 03-22-2003, 09:56 PM:
Revenge (breed/120 if attacked-60 if not/goes 2nd)
Equake/Return (depends on what u need)
Bulk Up
Rest (if equake), Foresight(if return)
Posted by HolyOmeganAngel (Member # 2565) on 03-22-2003, 10:20 PM:
dusclops - works out well, to previous poster dusclops has no healing moves besides rest (pain split if u count it)

ludicolo - I dont think its spec. att (bs 90) is low enough to need hydro pump. I would like leech seed in there but due to trait this works out fine.

Swampert - using roar because of its speed and having curse ruins it. Its speed lowers and roar is unusable (besides its speed is 219, its slow)

Altaria - i dont get earthquake, fire blast would be better but with all the rain dancing its not feasible. Earthquake is the next best thing with dragon dance though

Grumpig - great

Hariyama - made my comment already
Posted by Donald (Member # 1551) on 03-22-2003, 10:26 PM:
If I don't mention it, it's fine.

Dusclops: As Tghost said, it could use some form of recovery if it's going to be switching into everything in sight - sadly, the only thing it can do for recovery is Rest (without a HBer or Aromatherapist) or the 6% of Lefties.

And I'm not too big on Night Shade - only 100/use which can be Recovered off without a problem - I'd shaft Spe. Atk and put Shadow Punch in that slot. The only problems you might have are with Steels, Darks, and Normals, and you've got Hariyama for that. It'd scare Calm Minding Psykers, anyway.

Grumpig: FEMALE? *kills you* I'm guessing you're aware of the fact that any Dark eats this set for lunch unless they Confusion-smack themselves several times...

Hariyama: Once you start Bulking Up, Counter's going to become rather useless. Maybe Whirlwind in the Counter slot for a backup psuedohazer?
Posted by Tux The Linux Penguin (Member # 1846) on 03-22-2003, 11:31 PM:
This is the moveset I've been planning for Dusclops.

Dusclops@Leftovers &Pressure
Personality: +Special Defense, -Special Attack
Effort Value: Max HP, Max Special Defense
Shadow Ball
Mean Look
Confuse Ray

Granted, it doesn't have a recovery move, but Dusclops doesn't really learn a convenient recovery move at all. Rest would mean sacrificing one of the essential moves and potentially replacing leftovers as well.

Obviously this will be field tested once RSBot is ready, but I'm Dusclops' survivability will be fine with his great defense stats, leftovers, and confuse ray.
Posted by JP Nogueira (Member # 962) on 03-23-2003, 08:19 PM:
Donald, remember that people are forgeting to give some Effort to HP, what will result in a bunch of pokés with less than 300 HP. And I think it could do more damage than Dusclops' Shadow Punch.

So, IMHO Night Shade now has a good role [Wink] And also Seismic Toss.

Karpe Diem