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Recent Visitors: Introduction
The Recent Visitors function allows you to see where other users are on this board. Below, we have listed up to 10 of the most popular forums and up to 20 of the most popular topics on the board. For more information on Recent Visitors, click here.
52 visitors in the past 90 minutes Our visitor record is 508, set on 03-10-2015 10:48 AM. 6 visitors viewed the forum & category summary in the past 90 minutes.

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Visitors Popularity Forum Name Category
2 3% Arbok's Internet Cafe Onix Annex
3 5% Azure Arena Onix Annex
5 9% Azure Pokemon Center Onix Annex
1 1% Kabuto Archaeological Society Main Campus
24 46% Karp Park The Courtyard
5 9% Omanyte Historical Foundation Main Campus
5 9% Research Lab Main Campus
12 23% Sakaki Tower Main Campus
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20 most popular topics within the past 90 minutes:
  Topic Title Visitors Forum Name Topic Author Replies
What's in your playlist? 2 Karp Park Ikuse 32
ATTN: M:TG players 1 Karp Park Twinkle 14
If you were a Transformer, what would you be? 1 Karp Park New Guy 28
English names in green version... 1 Sakaki Tower theclaw 0
Harry Potthead Grows Up? (possible spoilers) 1 Karp Park Land und Leute 9
[War Story] Atma's first gsbot battle in months... 1 Arbok's Internet Cafe Atma 9
Ditto 1 Karp Park 10,000Lb.Snorlax 1
GSC Sneakville Tourny 1 Arbok's Internet Cafe El Brando 21
Mini-Game codes for stadium. 1 Sakaki Tower Mew2150 2
Rage 1 Research Lab kikered 3
Crystal Max Stats Code 1 Sakaki Tower Theman14 0
BIG asian girls. 1 Karp Park The Muffin King 55
Mega memory card help needed 1 Sakaki Tower Meganium 5
Cataract Eye Test 1 Karp Park powercat 5
Virus loose in the Azure Heights Mailing List 1 Karp Park Ancient Egyptian Cat-Gonk 2
G/S Tour? 1 Azure Arena Mr. K 24
Lyrics 1 Karp Park ceoalex316 142
Please rate 1 Omanyte Historical Foundation The Prostinator 2
Rate my team, please! 1 Omanyte Historical Foundation Dextrose, The Sugary Bug Master 3
Gay Bars 1 Karp Park Psybro 51
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