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Recent Visitors: Introduction
The Recent Visitors function allows you to see where other users are on this board. Below, we have listed up to 10 of the most popular forums and up to 20 of the most popular topics on the board. For more information on Recent Visitors, click here.
26 visitors in the past 90 minutes Our visitor record is 678, set on 07-07-2020 11:42 AM. 6 visitors viewed the forum & category summary in the past 90 minutes.

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Visitors Popularity Forum Name Category
4 15% Sakaki Tower Main Campus
4 15% Omanyte Historical Foundation Main Campus
4 15% Kabuto Archaeological Society Main Campus
3 11% Research Lab Main Campus
3 11% Azure Pokemon Center Onix Annex
3 11% Karp Park The Courtyard
2 7% Azure Arena Onix Annex
2 7% Oddish Memorial Lecture Hall Main Campus
1 3% Information Booth Welcome Center
1 3% Muk Center Auditorium Main Campus
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20 most popular topics within the past 90 minutes:
  Topic Title Visitors Forum Name Topic Author Replies
Jolteon's Pin Missile... useless? 1 Kabuto Archaeological Society Atma 8
How'd you find us? 1 Information Booth J. Thaddeus Toad 191
I figured out my log in 1 Karp Park MewtwoSama 3
EVs collected in Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness 1 Research Lab TeamArticuno 1
Question on the move Thief... 1 Azure Pokemon Center JoHtO TrAiNeR 5
Who Has Mew & Celebi ?? 1 Azure Pokemon Center St George 18
How to get your favourite mistery gift! 1 Research Lab JP Nogueira 6
Okay I know it's alomst 2011 but please RMT!!! 1 Kabuto Archaeological Society Eric Woo 11
Rate my Raikou's moveset 1 Muk Center Auditorium Face 2
RetroPie 1 Karp Park maagisk 5
Mew is here today UK!! 1 Azure Pokemon Center Philbo 4
IVs/PID 1 Sakaki Tower SCV 0
I haven't tested this yet, but maybe an idea? 1 Omanyte Historical Foundation Jolt135 6
Big day draws nearer! 1 Azure Arena Keibu 4
When someone finally catches Mew... 1 Research Lab cfalcon 18
Masterteam 1 Kabuto Archaeological Society the Master 174
WAR: The EU finals. And some other stuff 1 Azure Arena Iyse 20
Nintendo Reps' Pokemon?! 1 Azure Arena EeveeTrainer 17
Will O' Spikes team 1 Oddish Memorial Lecture Hall andii 15
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