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Recent Visitors: Introduction
The Recent Visitors function allows you to see where other users are on this board. Below, we have listed up to 10 of the most popular forums and up to 20 of the most popular topics on the board. For more information on Recent Visitors, click here.
52 visitors in the past 90 minutes Our visitor record is 508, set on 03-10-2015 10:48 AM. 2 visitors viewed the forum & category summary in the past 90 minutes.

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Visitors Popularity Forum Name Category
13 25% Karp Park The Courtyard
8 15% Research Lab Main Campus
7 13% Omanyte Historical Foundation Main Campus
7 13% Azure Pokemon Center Onix Annex
6 11% Sakaki Tower Main Campus
5 9% Arbok's Internet Cafe Onix Annex
4 7% Azure Arena Onix Annex
3 5% Information Booth Welcome Center
3 5% Kabuto Archaeological Society Main Campus
2 3% Complaints Dept. Welcome Center
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20 most popular topics within the past 90 minutes:
  Topic Title Visitors Forum Name Topic Author Replies
originality 1 Omanyte Historical Foundation raymond 7
There's Been a Malfunction in the Game!!!!!!! 1 Kabuto Archaeological Society Turbo X 3
new RAGE! in g/s 1 Research Lab spunman 9
Team for teh 1337z0rz RBY IBT 1 Kabuto Archaeological Society Artie Cuno 8
Hey is this cheating? 1 Sakaki Tower starCaliber 3
FLCL vs. Cowboy Bebop 1 Karp Park Mr. K 34
LOL! They took ALL information about the Sydney Tournament off of! 1 Azure Arena NickWhiz1 4
Invade Iran? 1 Karp Park Rolken 1
Charmeleon411 vs starcaliber 1 Arbok's Internet Cafe Charmeleon411 8
Was this set ever used? 1 Omanyte Historical Foundation crowN 4
The Big Long List of TM/HM-less Sets 1 Kabuto Archaeological Society Turbo X 2
Website 1 Omanyte Historical Foundation Articuno666 4
I decided to pick up my Blue version... 1 Kabuto Archaeological Society ~Steel Arcanine~ 3
Rate my friend's team 1 Kabuto Archaeological Society ThumbsOfSteel 15
Reigns Supreme 1 Azure Arena AznExplosN 10
Nazi Movies 1 Karp Park Boodabonzi 11
PokéMon Red Team 1 Kabuto Archaeological Society Kalachoe 3
First real G/S team I've made, need a bit of help....... 1 Omanyte Historical Foundation Dextrose, The Sugary Bug Master 5
*TeamCyber* 1 Omanyte Historical Foundation andii 3
OK, wtf? Not mobile, but Crystal oddities 1 Sakaki Tower Manuel Calavera 6
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