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Author Topic: YAFRMT. Guess what the F stands for.
Kid Vid2
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posted 01-18-2002 02:16 PM      Profile for Kid Vid2   Email Kid Vid2   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I finally got around to picking up a Metallic (Crystal) a bit ago, and I think I've finally got a team.

Wing Attack
--Rather standard sweeper, used as an opener to counter fast paralyzers. (cough*Jolteon*cough)

Sunny Day
--I could use a Standard Houndoom here, but I don't want to.

Steel Wing
Bug HP
Swords Dance
--Most people use Scizor to Baton Pass, I don't. Why? Don't ask me.

Tri Attack
--My favorite, also helps counter my team's glaring Fighting weakness, if I can get a Conversion in while they switch.

Ice Beam
Rain Dance
--It works.

Shadow Ball
Milk Drink
Heal Bell
--Why Shadow Ball? No clue.

A Machamp could clean through my team rather easily. Other than the fact that I have too many Normal/Low Defense Pokemon, any suggestions?

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posted 01-18-2002 03:53 PM      Profile for DragoniteJ   Author's Homepage   Email DragoniteJ   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
kid vid, as in the old burger king guy?

btw, if you hate machamp, use an espeon, possibly over pory2. give clefable the frickin belly drum standard, use a different miltank, and maybe starmie over lanturn. if you redo it like this you can probably get better rates.

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posted 01-18-2002 04:24 PM      Profile for 10,000Lb.Snorlax   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I don't think Aerodactyl is a good counter for jolteon, as it'll take more damage from a Jolteon's t-bolt than it can dish out against it using Earthquake... If you want to counter fast paralyzers how about... GLIGAR! he'dd do more damage with his stabbed Earthquake anyway, and is immune to the T-waves you dislike so much. But since his stats blow, I can see why you would be hesitant.

ALso, I've never heard of a normal pokemon as a good counter against fighting pokemon, even with Psychic. Expecially Porygon2, as he will likely be attacing second against all fighting pokemon except machamp. Maybe you should try a T-wave and Conversion2 combination on him: that way he paralyzes them, (he can probably survive a fighting attack) then converts to ghost, uses recover and then Psychics them to death, anyway, it seems like your best bet if you want to use him for that.

I'd put bodyslam over shadow ball, as Paralysis helps out in using milkdrink, psyche up over Earthquake is also option, as Milky's attack isn't too hot...

A big part of your team is weather related (CLefable and Lanturn). Remember that when you have to start up weather systems using slow pokemon (Clefable and Lanturn), the enemy get's two turns to attack you before you get a chance to do anything other that use sunny day or Rain Dance. Don't underestimate fast pokemon...

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posted 01-18-2002 07:36 PM      Profile for Donald   Email Donald      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Aerodactyl looks decent enough, however, he doesn't make the best lead. Maybe give Lanturn T-Wave and T-Bolt, and make that your lead.

Clefaggot's standard.

As for Scizor, I'd give him Lefties to get some HP back while Dancing.

As much as I'd like to say it, Porygon2 can't be a Fighting killer. The set looks decent, but maybe swap him for an Espeon or Alakazam.

See above for Lanturn comments.

As for the cow, Shadow Ball really doesn't do much UNLESS you have a Missy problem. If you do, Shadow Ball will work fine. Otherwise, I'd throw Earthquake on.

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Ancient Egyptian Cat-Gonk
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posted 01-18-2002 10:31 PM      Profile for Ancient Egyptian Cat-Gonk   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
KidVid2 as in, AGNP KV2? The fuck have you been?

Clefable, hmm, Houndoom really is the better choice for Sunny Day. If you want to use Clefable I'd be thinking about a Belly Drum-type moveset. Personally, I wouldn't risk using both weather moves on the same team. Drop either Lanturn or Clefable for something physical, probably a Snorlax with Counter considering that you don't really have anything to stop physical attackers.

Scizor doesn't need three attacks, IMHO he only needs one. That's why people use him to Baton Pass, Bugpower is the only attack he really needs and most of the time he's packing SD and Agility.

You might want to make a few other moveset changes. Drop Conversion on Porygon2 for Curse, it'll be more useful in the long run. You don't have any other Curse users, after all. Psyche Up on Miltank over one of the attacks, it works wonders against the huge numbers of Cursing GSbot users.

Overall, you've got a glaring physical problem and a distinct lack of staying power.. If you're worried about Fighting types, take an Alakazam with Psychic, Barrier, Counter and Recover. Also, it might be worth dropping Miltank for something else b/c you're not really taking advantage of Heal Bell, a more offensive Pokemon could help IMHO.

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