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Author Topic: Bah, M4g1cKz iN t3h sKy
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M4gIcKz iN t3h sKy!11!1

Leftovers - Golem - Curse, Rock Slide, Roar, Explosion

Used to get rid of those eternally annoying starting bitcheons (BPing Umbies)
and will prolly get the hazer out. Oh well, if I find it's a hazer, I'll get at least one, maybe two curses in, in which I can Rock Slide in hope of a OHKO. I may use Explosion sense BPing is essential to part of my team. If not, I'll just get Roared away I guess=/

Leftovers - Gengar [F] - Mean Look, Confuse Ray, Attract, Spite

Gengar's job is easy. To be a really annoying bitch. Mean Look, Parattraction, and Spite is an evil combo. I lock 'em in so they can't get out, and lay Parattraction on them. They'll either: A. Hit themselves; B. Be infactuated or C. Get a hit. If they get a hit in, I'll Spite that move. That'll really hurt them. Soon, they'll have to die of Confusion, or me switching out and getting another Pokemon to finish the job.

Leftovers - QuagSyrex - Curse, Amnesia, Earthquake, Rest

Ah, the second annoying bitch. Seems like I'm gonna give the opponent one hell of a time. Should be able to survive Grass-types...Hell, who uses Grass-types anymore? I mean, the only move that I'm remotely worried about is Giga Drain, and that won't do much because I'll prolly get 2-3 Amnesias up. Since the hazer/pseudo-hazer being gone is vital to QuagSyrex, I'm gonna make Golem use Explosion to make sure I take out the hazer/pseudo-hazer. Oh, I'm sure you all know how QuagSyrex works

Mint Berry/Leftovers - Vaporeon - Acid Armor, Ice Beam, Baton Pass, Rest/Sub

And now I'll use a real bitcheon It'll just pass Acid Armor to Raichu, and get in a few pops with Ice Beam. Baton Pass is for the pass, and Rest is great considering Vapor's new found defenses. I also need some help on the last move. Should I combo Acid Armor and Substitute to pass to Raichu, or should I have Rest to help Vaporeon itself? I could really use your help on this one.

Light Ball - Raichu - T-Wave, Encore, T-Bolt, HP Ice

A little concoction of mine Contrary to popular belief, Light Ball does double Raichu's Spec. Attk. as well as Pikachu's (Spec. Attk.). Also, getting HP Ice on him is a valuable, seeing as it'll help against Rock, Ground, and Grass, especially with Light Ball attached. This little bugger will have increased defenses (and maybe a Sub also, see Vaporeon), as well as the annoying T-Wave/Encore combo. It'll really get them mad, when they use a useless move over and over, and sometimes they are fully paralized, and going up against a Doubled SA Raichu with T-Bolt and HP Ice ^_^

Leftovers/??? - Primeape - Screech, Curse, Rock Slide, Counter

Nothing more then a Physical cleaner. Screech/Curse is deadly, and Rock Slide/Counter is a great combo. And if you hadn't noticed yet, I like Curse=P I don't know what to put for the item, which is why I just stuck a Leftovers on it.

Things that bother me:
3x Ground Weakness=/
and a big Grass Weakness...Wait a sec...Grass isn't used anymore! w0oT!
Anyways, that's the M4gIcKz iN t3h sKy. by3.

[ 08-24-2001: Message edited by: Bowser ]

[ 08-24-2001: Message edited by: Bowser ]

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posted 08-24-2001 11:32 PM      Profile for oporaca     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Originally posted by Bowser:
Contrary to popular belief, Light Ball does double Raichu's Spec. Attk. as well as Pikachu's (Spec. Attk.).

I'd like to see you conclusively prove that. *starts to test on his own*

*Finds out that only Pikachu can have Light Ball equipped in PokeSta 2, which is probably something that Bowser should know*

[ 08-24-2001: Message edited by: oporaca ]

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