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Author Topic: MoveSet Guide *PHEW*
Evil Umbreon For Life
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posted 07-07-2001 02:39 AM      Profile for Evil Umbreon For Life   Author's Homepage   Email Evil Umbreon For Life   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Ive seen a few people on here not aware of what to give there pokemon for moves. So I have taken the time to make a guide showing many of the standards and best movesets to use. I hope you like it thank you!

Note: Final Evolutions only. Also Many of the pokemon I put rest on are Minty Resters.

Venusaur: Stun Spore Leech Seed Synthesis Giga Drain: Sleep Powder Swords Dance Body Slam/Double Edge Synthesis.

Charizard: Swords Dance Earthquake Wing Attack/Rock Slide/Body Slam Flamethrower: Flamethrower Sunny Day Earthquake Wing Attack.

Blastoise: Haze Earthquake Surf Ice Beam: Mirror Coat Surf Rest Rain Dance/Earthquake.
Butterfree: Sleep Powder Giga Drain Reflect Psychic: Stun Spore Safeguard Giga Drain Psychic.

Beedrill: HP Bug Swords Dance Sludge Bomb
Rest: Reflect Swagger Sludge Bomb Rest.
Pidgeot: Wing Attack Return Reflect Steel Wing: HP Flying Double-Edge Rest Mirror Move.

Raticate: Screech Endure Reversal Super Fang: Super Fang Body Slam Focus Energy Counter.

Fearow: Drill Peck Double-Edge Substitute Mirror Move: Drill Peck Tri Attack Steel Wing Substitute.

Arbok: Glare Haze Earthquake Sludge Bomb: Screech Sludge Bomb Earthquake Glare.

Raichu: Surf Rain Dance Thunder Wave Thunder: Thunderbolt Surf Thunder Wave Body Slam/Encore. Endure Reversal Thunder Wave Thunderbolt.

Sandslash: Swords Dance Earthquake Rock Slide/Body Slam Rest: Swagger Rock Slide Earthquake Body Slam

Nidoqueen: Earthquake Attract Body Slam Rest: Counter Earthquake Rest Fire Blast:

Nidoking: Amnesia Counter Rest Earthquake: Shadow Ball Earthquake Rock Slide Sand Thunderbolt.

Clefable: Thunder Wave Belly Drum Double-Edge/Return/Body Slam Moonlight: Fire Blast Ice Beam Moonlight Body Slam: Counter Thunderbolt Moonlight Body Slam.

Ninetales: Safeguard Confuse Ray Fire Blast Sunny Day: Protect Spite Rest Fire Blast.
Wigglytuff: Fire Blast Thunder Wave Counter Rest: Body Slam Ice Beam Curse Rest.

Vileplume: Stun Spore Synthesis Giga Drain Sludge Bomb: Sleep Powder Swords Dance Sludge Bomb Giga Drain.

Parasect: Spore Swords Dance HP Bug Rest: Spore Light Screen Reflect HP Bug.

Venomoth: Sleep Powder Curse Baton Pass Rest: Psychic Stun Spore Sludge Bomb Giga Drain.

Dugtrio: Earthquake Screech Ancient Power Rest: Earthquake Swagger Screech Body Slam.

Persian: Amnesia Spite Protect Rest: Screech Swagger Body Slam/Double Edge Psych Up.

Golduck: Surf Ice Beam Rest/Light Screen Psychic: (Crystal) Cross Chop Psych Up Swagger Surf.

Primeape: Screech Cross Chop Swagger Rock Slide: Endure Reversal Rock Slide Screech.

Arcanine: Extreme Speed/Body Slam Curse Flamethrower HP grass: Flamethrower Crunch/Roar Sunny Day Extreme Speed/Body Slam.

Poliwrath: Ice Beam Fissure Mind Reader Whirl Pool/Haze Depending on stadium 2 or not: Surf HP Fighting Ice Beam Earthquake.

Alakazam: Psychic Thunder Wave Seismic Toss/Fire Punch Recover: Psychic Encore Reflect Recover: Counter Psychic Fire Punch Recover.

Machamp: Cross Chop Light Screen/Body Slam/Fire Blast Earthquake Counter/Rock Slide: Encore Cross Chop Earthquake Rest.

Victreebel: Sludge Bomb Swords Dance Synthesis Giga Drain. Stun Spore Sleep Powder Sludge Bomb Synthesis.

Tentacruel: Surf Sludge Bomb Ice Beam/Rest Mirror Coat/Haze: Safeguard Swords Dance Sludge Bomb Surf.

Golem: Earthquake Rock Slide Explosion Substitute/Counter/Swagger: Body Slam Earthquake Rock Slide Explosion: Defense Curl earthquake Rollout Swagger.

Rapidash: Fire Blast Charm/Body Slam Sunny Day Hp Grass: Rest Fire Spin Toxic Protect.

Slowbro: Counter Amnesia Rest Surf: Belly Drum Return Rest Thunder Wave/Surf: Fire
Blast/Earthquake Surf Thunder Wave Swagger.

Magneton: Thunder Wave Rain Dance HP Water Thunderbolt: Swagger Screech Thunder Wave Thunderbolt.

Farfetchd: Agility Swords Dance HP Flying/Body Slam/Rest Baton Pass: Agility Flail Rest Endure.

Dodrio: Drill Peck Haze Return/Body Slam/Tri Attack/Double Edge Reflect: Flail Endure Drill Peck Swagger/Return/Tri Attack.

Dewgong: Perish Song Protect Whirlpool Rest: Surf Ice Beam Rest Sleep Talk.

Muk: Screech Sludge bomb Swagger Explosion: Sludge Bomb Explosion Body Slam Swagger/Haze.

Cloyster: Explosion Ice Beam Surf Screech : (Crystal)Spikes Explosion Surf Ice Beam.

Gengar: Haze/Spite Thunderbolt Giga Drain Destiny bond: Perish Song Mean Look Protect Rest: Confuse Ray Fire Punch/Ice Punch/Thunderbolt Haze Hp Dark.

Hypno: Reflect Psychic Thunder Wave Submission: Reflect Swagger Psych Up Submission/Shadow Ball.

Kingler:Body Slam Amnesia Swords Dance Hp Ground/Swagger: Flail Icy wind Endure Return/Rest: Body Slam Haze Swagger Guillotine.

Electrode: Explosion Thunderbolt Thunder Wave/Mirror Coat Reflect: Screech Thunderbolt Explosion Thunder Wave.

Exeggutor: Leech Seed Explosion/Synthesis Giga Drain/Psychic Stun Spore: Sleep Powder Ancient Power Giga Drain Psychic.

Marowak: Body Slam Earthquake Swagger Rock Slide/Ancient Power/Screech: Rock Slide/Body Slam Earthquake Sleep Talk Rest: Counter Earthquake Rock Slide Screech.

Hitmonlee: Body Slam Endure Reversal Hp Ghost: Hi Jump kick/Mach Punch Curse Body Slam Rest.

Hitmonchan: Hi Jump Kick/Mach Punch Curse Body Slam Hp Ghost/Rest. Counter Body Slam Hi Jump Kick Rest.

Lickitung: Belly Drum Rest Return Earthquake: Screech Body Slam Sleep Talk Earthquake.

Weezing: Destiny Bond Sludge Bomb Haze Explosion: Screech Swagger Explosion Sludge Bomb.

Rhydon: Zap Cannon Endure Reversal Earthquake/Rock Slide: Earthquake Rock Slide Body Slam Substitute/Counter.

Tangela: Giga Drain Growth Sleep Powder HP Water: Amnesia Swagger Stun Spore Giga Drain.

Kangaskhan: Endure Reversal Body Slam Safeguard: Roar Curse Rest Body Slam/Return/Double-Edge.

Seaking: Agility Flail Haze Surf: Surf Ice Beam Rest Horn Drill.

Starmie: Surf Confuse Ray Recover Thunder Wave: Thunder Wave Ice Beam/Thunderbolt/Psychic Surf Recover.

Mr Mime: Barrier Psychic Thunder Wave Thunderbolt: Light Screen Psychic Thunderbolt/Thunder Wave Counter.

Jynx: Perish Song Mean Look Lovely Kiss Protect: Ice Beam Lovely Kiss Psychic HP Water/Substitute/Counter.

Electabuzz:Thunderbolt Thunder Wave Reflect Ice Punch/Fire Punch: Rain Dance Thunder Thunder Wave HP Water

Magmar : (Crystal)Cross Chop Confuse Ray Flamethrower Thunder Punch: HP Grass Confuse Ray Flamethrower Sunny Day.

Pinsir: HP Bug Swords Dance Rest Body Slam: Rest Guillotine Swords Dance HP Bug/Body Slam.

Tauros: Horn Drill Fissure Sleep Talk Rest: Body Slam/Double Edge Earthquake Substitute Rest.

Gyarados: HP Flying Body Slam Surf Rest: Icy Wind Flail Body Slam Endure.

Lapras: Whirlpool Confuse Ray Perish song
Protect/Rest: Surf Ice Beam Confuse Ray Thunderbolt/Body Slam.

Vaporeon: Haze Acid Armor Surf Ice Beam: HP Fire Surf Ice Beam Haze/Acid Armor.

Jolteon: Attract Thunder Wave Thunderbolt HP Ice: HP Water Thunderbolt Thunder Wave Rain Dance.

Flareon: Body Slam Shadow Ball Flamethrower Sunny Day: Charm Body Slam Flamethrower Shadow Ball.

Omastar: Surf Ice Beam Ancient Power Haze: Swagger Body Slam Surf Ice Beam.

Kabutops: Swords Dance Ancient Power Body slam Rest: Swagger Swords Dance Body Slam Flail.

Aerodactyl: Substitute Ancient Power Earthquake Wing Attack: Rest Sleep talk Ancient Power Earthquake.

Snorlax: Curse Earthquake Body Slam/Return/Double-Edge Rest: Self Destruct Curse Body Slam Earthquake: Belly Drum body Slam Earthquake Rest.

Articuno: HP Flying Ice Beam Reflect Bubble Beam: Swagger/HP Flying Reflect Rest Ice Beam.

Zapdos: Whirlwind/HP Water/Ice/Reflect Thunderbolt Thunder Wave Drill Peck.

Moltres: Sunny Day Flamethrower/Fire Blast Wing Attack Rest/HP Grass: Flamethrower Reflect Wing Attack Rest.

Dragonite: Haze/Safeguard Ice Beam/Fire Blast/Thunderbolt/Dragon Breath Thunder Wave Wing Attack : (Crystal)Extreme Speed Curse Thunder Wave Flamethrower/Ice Beam/Surf.

Mewtwo: Safeguard/Thunder Wave Ice Beam/Thunderbolt Psychic Recover: Amnesia Psychic/Ice Beam Barrier Recover.

Mew: Horn Drill Sleep Talk Fissure Rest: Thunder Wave Ice Beam Thunderbolt/Flamethrower Softboiled: Softboiled
Swords Dance Body Slam/Shadow Ball Earthquake: Horn Drill Thunder Wave Fissure Softboiled.


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posted 07-07-2001 01:31 PM      Profile for Kingdra The horsea   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
O.O well this is a lotta work *poke*

BUR!, its cold in here!, there must be some jynx's in the atmosphere!!!

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posted 07-07-2001 01:47 PM      Profile for Jared0169   Email Jared0169   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Originally posted by Evil Umbreon For Life:

Mew: Horn Drill Thunder Wave Fissure Softboiled.

hehehe, Evil. *evil grin and maniacal laugh*


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posted 07-07-2001 03:49 PM      Profile for Nirvana     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Good work.

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posted 07-08-2001 08:38 AM      Profile for Bob_Utsugi   Email Bob_Utsugi   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
That's great. Especially for me who not know about movesets.

Great work!

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posted 07-08-2001 08:56 PM      Profile for Espeon     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Good stuf,is rhydon wit zap-cannon really good with is low s-attack?


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posted 07-08-2001 09:03 PM      Profile for Mewtwo's #150     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I dunno. Maybe it's for PAR so you'll be faster and endure/reversal will work. But still, they can switch so that set won't really work, but good job.^_^
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posted 07-08-2001 09:40 PM      Profile for JoHtO TrAiNeR   Author's Homepage   Email JoHtO TrAiNeR   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Wow, good work, but I already have one --------------

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Originally posted by Espeon:
Good stuf,is rhydon wit zap-cannon really good with is low s-attack?

Nope. 5 hits needed to KO Lapras. Its basically useless.

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posted 07-08-2001 11:56 PM      Profile for MK     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Cool! Thanks for takin the time to make that


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Evil Umbreon For Life
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posted 07-09-2001 12:13 AM      Profile for Evil Umbreon For Life   Author's Homepage   Email Evil Umbreon For Life   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I know rhydon has low special attack... Of course its on there for paralysis to get reversal off ~_~


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posted 07-15-2001 02:30 AM      Profile for Espeon     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I see ur point but one/ or two solid water moves would take old Rhydon out,zap-cannon has crap accuracy too!


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posted 07-15-2001 12:44 PM      Profile for raticata     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
rhydon works best with

rock slide/quake/body slam/rest

as long as he has been passed some agilities, his huge attack allows an easy sweep.


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posted 07-15-2001 12:52 PM      Profile for SDShamshel   Email SDShamshel   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Espeon, you're not getting the point.

Zap Cannon always paralyzes when it hits. 50%, roughly.

The alternative is Body Slam, which almost always hits, but has a 30% chance of paralysis.

50% chance of paralysis vs 30% chance of paralysis.

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SDShamshel is right, sorry espeon but the statistics show that

Body slam - approx. 95% accuracy - 30% chance of causing paralysis

Zap cannon - approx. 50% accuracy - 100% chance of causing paralysis

If you work it out there is a 45% difference in accuracy favouring body slam. BUT there is a 70% difference in causing paralysis favouring zap cannon. That works out at a 25% difference favouring zap cannon; And this move is purely used to paralyze the enemy to make up for rhydon's slow speed.

Snorlax and Blissey rule

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posted 07-17-2001 07:30 AM      Profile for White Cat   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Body Slam's accuracy is 99.6%, not 95%.

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