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Author Topic: Moveset Guide Page 2
Evil Umbreon For Life
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posted 07-07-2001 02:46 AM      Profile for Evil Umbreon For Life   Author's Homepage   Email Evil Umbreon For Life   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Meganium: Leech Seed Synthesis Light Screen Earthquake/Ancient Power/Body Slam: Light Screen Counter Synthesis Giga Drain : (Crystal)Swords Dance Ancient Power Earthquake Synthesis/Leech Seed.

Typhlosion: Sunny Day Flamethrower Earthquake Thunder Punch: Reversal Endure Thunder Punch Flamethrower.

Feraligatr: Swagger Roar Earthquake Surf/Ancient Power/Rock Slide: Surf Ancient Power Earthquake Ice Beam.

Furret: Endure Reversal Return Focus Energy: Double Edge Amnesia Curse Rest.

Noctowl: Reflect Wing Attack Return Hypnosis: Whirlwind Wing Attack Steel Wing Rest.

Ledian: Agility Double Team Baton Pass Light Screen: Reflect Light Screen Safeguard Rest/Thief.

Ariados: Baton Pass Spider Web Screech/Scary Face Rest: HP Bug Sludge Bomb Rest Screech.

Crobat: Mean Look Fly Toxic Confuse Ray: Wing Attack haze Confuse Ray Whirlwind.

Lanturn: Confuse Ray/Thunder Wave Rain Dance Surf Thunder : (Crystal)Thunderbolt Surf Confuse Ray Thunderbolt.

Togetic: Fire Blast Sunny Day Solar Beam Rest: Encore Safeguard Psychic Rest.

Xatu: Haze Drill Peck Psychic Confuse Ray: Confuse Ray Giga Drain Psychic Drill Peck.

Ampharos: Thunderbolt Reflect/HP Water Thunder Wave Fire Punch: Reflect Swagger Thunder Wave Thunderbolt.

Bellossom: Stun Spore Sludge Bomb Swords Dance Synthesis: Stun spore Giga Drain
Synthesis HP Rock.

Azumarill: Belly Drum Return HP Ground Rest: Whirlpool Perish Song Protect Rest/Light Screen.

Sudowoodo: Rock Slide Earthquake Swagger Psych Up: Self Destruct Earthquake rock Slide Rest.

Politoed : (Crystal)Haze Surf Ice Beam Earthquake: Perish Song Protect Whirlpool Rest.

Jumpluff: Giga Drain Leech Seed Synthesis Stun Spore: Synthesis Encore HP Grass Leech Seed.

Aipom: Agility Baton Pass Screech Rest: Curse Counter Return Screech.

Sunflora: Sunny Day Solar Beam HP Fire Synthesis: Giga Drain HP Ice Growth Synthesis.

Yanma: Reversal Screech Return Endure : (Crystal)Wing Attack Giga Drain Whirlwind Screech.

Quagsire: Haze Ancient Power Earthquake Surf: Safeguard Earthquake Haze Body Slam.

Espeon: HP Fire Psychic Morning Sun Sunny Day: Bite Psych Up/Reflect Psychic Morning Sun.

Umbreon: Toxic Mean Look Confuse Ray Rest/Moonlight : (Crystal)Baton Pass Mean Look Moonlight Curse/Double Team/Charm: Curse Mean Look Body Slam Moonlight.

Murkrow: Faint Attack Drill Peck Haze Night Shade: Drill Peck HP Grass Whirl Wind Night Shade.

Slowking: Belly Drum Rest Earthquake Shadow Ball/Return: Earthquake Flamethrower Surf Shadow Ball/Rest.

Misdreavus: Mean Look Perish Song Protect Rest: Confuse Ray Pain Split Shadow Ball Psychic.

Unown: Depends on the unowns dv's.

Wobbuffet: Of course you know this ~_~.

Girafirag: Baton Pass Amnesia Agility Rest/Psychic: Return Crunch Psychic Earthquake.

Forretress: Spikes Explosion Curse/Rapid Spin/Reflect Double-Edge/Swagger.

Dunsparce: Glare Ancient Power Return Screech: Spite Protect Rest Glare.

Gligar: Earthquake Wing Attack Counter Screech.

Steelix: Bind/Rock Slide Screech Earthquake Explosion.

Granbull: Heal Bell Charm/Reflect Return Shadow Ball.

Qwilfish: (Crystal)Spikes Sludge Bomb Haze Surf.

Scizor: Agility Swords Dance Baton Pass
Steel Wing/Safeguard/HP Bug: Endure Reversal Steel wing/HP Bug Agility.

Shuckle: Wrap Toxic Sandstorm Rest/Encore.

Heracross: Endure Reversal Earthquake Megahorn: Rest Thief Earthquake/Return Megahorn.

Sneazel: Endure Reversal Screech Return/Shadow Ball/Agility: Reflect Shadow Ball Return Counter.

Ursaring: Curse Slash/Return Rest Earthquake: Curse/Earthquake Counter Return Rest.

Magcargo: Rock Slide Body Slam Flamethrower Earthquake: Acid Armor Amesia Rest Rollout.

Piloswine: Ancient Power/Rock Slide Curse Earthquake Rest.

Corsola: Amnesia Curse Recover Ancient
Power: Screech Ancient Power Earthquake Recover.

Octillery: (Crystal)Flamethrower Ice Beam Surf Rest/Focus Energy.

Delibird: (Crystal) Fly Swagger/Rest Curse Ice Beam.

Mantine: Confuse Ray Haze Surf Wing Attack.

Skarmory: Drill Peck Whirlwind Swagger Rest/Steel Wing.

Houndoom: Solarbeam Crunch Flamethrower Sunny Day: Reversal Endure Crunch Flamethrower.

Kingdra: Ice Beam/Dragon Breath Double Team Surf Rest.

Donphan: Earthquake Ancient Power Body Slam/Rest/Sandstorm Swagger.

Porygon2: Thunderbolt/Ice Beam Thunder Wave Psychic Recover: Curse Ice Beam Recover Double-Edge.

Stantler: Return Confuse Ray Reflect Earthquake: Protect Spite Return Earthquake.

Smeargle: Nearly Anything.

Hitmontop: Agility Hi Jump Kick Counter Return: Mach Punch Curse Counter Return.

Miltank: Attract/Shadowball/Earthquake Body Slam/Return Milk Drink Heal Bell.

Blissey: Thunder Wave Counter Seismic Toss Softboiled: Heal Bell Curse Softboiled Double-Edge.

Raikou: Thunder Rain Dance Hp Water/Reflect Crunch: (Crystal)Thunderbolt Crunch Reflect Roar/Hp Water.

Entei: Return/Rest Solar Beam Sunny Day Fire Blast/Flamethrower.

Suicune: Surf Rest Roar Psych Up/Ice Beam/Double Team/Mirror Coat.

Tyranitar: Fire Blast Earthquake Rock Slide Crunch: (Crystal)Ice Beam Thunderbolt Flamethrower Crunch Rock Slide Earthquake.

Lugia: Safeguard/Psychic Recover Earthquake Aeroblast: (Crystal) Aeroblast Recover Earthquake Ice Beam/Thunderbolt.

Ho-oh: Solar Beam Sunny Day Recover Sacred fire: (Crystal) Earthquake Thunderbolt Sacred Fire Recover.

Celebi: Giga Drain/Psychic Leech Seed Recover Heal Bell.

[This message has been edited by Evil Umbreon For Life (edited 07-07-2001).]

[This message has been edited by Evil Umbreon For Life (edited 07-07-2001).]

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Kingdra The horsea
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*throws topic to the top* Oye, my back.

BUR!, its cold in here!, there must be some jynx's in the atmosphere!!!

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Great work!

"your nails are digging into my arm god dammit"

Dark-Celebi "keep it up guys"

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posted 07-09-2001 05:28 PM      Profile for Sage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Ugh...U know...Different sets r needed for different teams...^o^


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