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Author Topic: Can you please rate/help my team out?
The Mad DoctorX
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posted 07-12-2001 12:48 PM      Profile for The Mad DoctorX   Email The Mad DoctorX   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
This is my 50th version of my team or so and I need your help to make it better. It's been doing great in gsbot so far with 11 wins, 0 loses, 0 draw, and 1 uncomplete. Well here it is, Thanx in advance.

Starmie-Miracle Berry
Hydro Pump

Meh, my standard starter. Works great in most battles just keep out of an electric types way, great Kazam killer too. Hydro Pump over surf for damage, and if you battle with it, you'll find out you only need 8 Hydro Pumps.

Miltank-Scope Lens
Psych Up
Milk Drink
Heal Bell

DragoniteJ's set, you figure it out.


Another standard that is great! * Curselax is god * (To me of course)

Jolteon (F)-Leftovers
Thunder Wave

Not my starter cause people got smart and set dvs to 7 or < to counter this set. So it comes in at the middle of battle, cause people forget to balance there team. Excellent pokemon a bit fragile, but can take out almost anything. Credit to Automaton. (It was brought up before, but he was the first to post it.)

Ice Punch
Destiny Bond

Now I really need help with this set. Shadowball according to the Azure Dmg Calc takes out Missy in two hits. Ice Punch cause my team needs a Ice attack. Useful against Skarmorys, Dragonites, and stuff. Usually takes out two poke's on the opponent's team before dying. Any suggestions for him?

Marowak-Thick Club
Rock Slide

BoneSnapper is sweet even though a lot of people hate him cause he is to "fragile". Anyways Swagger is for all the paralyzed pokemon I encounter when he comes out to parafuse, while Substitute is for those Snorlaxes and Blisseys with counter.

Type Weaknes
2x Figting
2x Dark
2x Grass
2x Ground
1x Electric
1x Bug
1x Psychic
1x Ice


Hope I get some rates, thanx for you time. ^_^

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posted 07-12-2001 01:53 PM      Profile for JoHtO TrAiNeR   Author's Homepage   Email JoHtO TrAiNeR   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
-Starmie: You're a Hydropump "believer" eh? Yeah, you'll only need 8 Hydropumps, but you'll only get maybe 6 (because of it's bad accuracy), I'd rather go with Surf...

-Miltank: Good set, but I don't like the fact that it's helpless against Steel, Rock, and Ghost types...

-Snorlax: Wow, we have a GOD in pokemon...

-Jolteon: I don't like this dude, but if it works for you and everyone else, use it...

-Gengar: I would take Ice Punch off, maybe for Curse...I don't know, I seem to like Curse for the Ghost types...I don't think Ice Punch is super effective against Skarmory also...or is it?

-Marowak: I prefer Golem: Earthquake, Rockslide, Body Slam, Explosion.

Good team, although I'm not that great at rating teams. I'm not gonna give it any points(10.0/10.0) because I think that is useless information for the person wanting the team to be rated...


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