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Author Topic: Rate my crappy team, please
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posted 07-02-2001 01:03 PM      Profile for Cyb758   Email Cyb758   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Alrighty then, this is my team full of barely (or never) used Pokemon. For good reason of course, but I figured I'd give them a try for the hell of it.

Lickitung @ Mint Berry
1 - Belly Drum
2 - Rest
3 - Double-Edge
4 - Thunderbolt

>> Licki actually has decent special and regular defense, so he can withstand most initial attacks (unless Machamp is the starter of course, then he's screwed) enough to get off belly drum and rest. After that he's a killer with double-edge. Thunderbolt is there because the team lacks an electric type and Licki's special attack actually isn't that bad.

Magcargo @ Leftovers
1 - Flamethrower
2 - Rock Slide
3 - Amnesia
4 - Sunny Day

>> Magcargo's one saving grace is his high defense (base 120). However, he has a 4x problem with water, which is what sunny day is for. Amnesia is good to up his sub-par special defense and rock slide is there for the stab, fire types, flying types and lack of a better attack. Quake is an option I guess, but rock slide will at least hit everything.

Octillery @ Leftovers
1 - Surf
2 - Ice Beam
3 - Haze
4 - Swift

>> Double good for dters. Ice beam is there for flying types and the rare grass type. Actually, I dunno why more people don't use Octillery, he has real nice attack and special attack, and decent defenses though his speed sucks. Maybe curse instead of ice beam?

Wobbuffet @ Leftovers
1 - Counter
2 - Mirror Coat
3 - Safeguard
4 - Destiny Bond

>> Not much to say about ol' Wobby.

Beedrill @ Quick Claw
1 - Twineedle
2 - Swords Dance
3 - Double Team
4 - Return

>> Beedrill is horrible, but the way you use this set is to dt the second you come out and hope for a miss or switch. Once you get off two or three dts you swords dance a few times and let twineedle rip. In theory this could take out an Alakazam, but I wouldn't get your hopes up since Beedrill is dead after two psychics (unless there's a ch of course).

Gyarados @ Leftovers
1 - Surf
2 - Double-Edge
3 - Endure
4 - Flail

>> I forgot why I put Leftovers on him, I suppose for double-edge recovery. Gyarados screams for an electric type to come get him, and since he can't learn earthquake, de is the next best thing. Get 'em on the switch is, then switch out to uh...Wobbuffet I guess.

Yeah, so in colclusion this team doesn't have a fighting chance in hell to win, but it's not real anyways.

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The Great VIVI
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posted 07-02-2001 06:29 PM      Profile for The Great VIVI   Email The Great VIVI   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Lickitung~ I guess a BD tung could work alright. If it can get fireblast i would replace t-bolt for it cause of steel types. On most of my fun teams I lead with a BD clefable

Magcargo~I doubt sunny day and amnesia will help you against waters. Even if you do cover his water weakness, your still going to have a lot of trouble with waters.

Octillery~swift ? I'd go surf, rain dance, icebeam/haze, rest

Wobbuffet~I think this guy is kinda useless since theres so many things that can screw him over.

Beedrill~ I'd suggest slude bomb, swords dance, reflect, rest and add a mint berry

Gyarados~I guess endure and flail can work on him cause of his speed. I'd put fire blast over DE cause of steel types again


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posted 07-05-2001 10:08 AM      Profile for Cyb758   Email Cyb758   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Licki - He had fireblast before, but that was when I didn't have Magcargo (I say it like it's a good thing to have Magcargo, heh) so I switched fb for bolt. Thunderbolt would still work well for steels (except Steelix), especially Skarmory. Scizor is almost never used for actual fighting, so I reckon I could scare them with Mag, same goes for Forretress. But really, fb is way more practicle, hmmmmm...

Magcargo - Actually with sunny day and amnesia he can actually survive a surf from Kingdra (only one surf, mind you, so it's no help). But then again, Magcargo's not gonna be up against anyone with water attacks unless he's the last one left. Lousy Magcargo.

Octillery - swift because I didn't want to waste his huge attack. Plus swift is underused, as is Octillery...heh, I suppose rain dance would be better

Wobby - Yeah like fooz who curse seventeen times. Wobby can take a hit tho, he countered an extreemespeed from an Arcanine once that had cursed at least five or six times with enough power to kill Archie 2 and a half times over. Sweet.

Beedrill - Having return instead of sludge bomb was a goof on my part, I completly forgot about sludge bomb.

Gyrardos - DE for his massive attack. His special isn't too great, so it's better to stick with physical attacks. Also surf will do a number on Steelix and the others take regular damage from water.

Whee, thanks for the info and pointers and such, not that all the pointers in the world could give this team a fighting chance. However, seeing the reaction when they see my starter is Lickitung, that's priceless.

From: NY, USA | Registered: Apr 2001  |  IP: Logged

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