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Author Topic: "Kiss My Ass Machamp" v 1.0
Bob the Builder
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posted 07-05-2001 11:06 PM      Profile for Donald   Email Donald      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
The point of this team is to not give a standard Machamp (Cross Chop, Earthquake, Rock Slide, filler defensive move) any 2x effective shots. All weaknesses must be neutralized or immunified (in the case of my psuedo-Hazer). Rate away.

Note: Item Clause is off.

Starmie: Surf, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Recover *Miracle Berry*

I need T-Bolt due to lack of Electric support (damn Earthquakes, and Zappy would give me a Rock Slide shot). Besides, 328 Speed is always good.

Marowak: Earthquake, Rock Slide, HP Bug (70), Screech *Thick Club*

NickWak, you've seen this before.

Machamp: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Cross Chop, Light Screen *Leftovers*

Hypocritical? Hell yeah. But still, this thing rules.

Skarmory: Drill Peck, Whirlwind, Curse, Rest *Mint Berry*

Anti-Curselax and second candidate for Machamp beating.

Scizor: Agility, Wing Attack, Baton Pass, Rest *Mint Berry*

Phildo came up with an idea for RestBerry Passers, which I'm using here. No Swords Dance because I'm of the opinion that it's not necessary (any of the 22 Pokemon NickWak can't OHKO can probably go down to the rest of the team).

Celebi: Heal Bell, Recover, Psychic, Giga Drain *Miracle Berry*

If you want a Heal Beller but don't want Fighting weakness, here's where you go. God, I wish Giga Drain either had more power or more PP.

-Team may not be possible due to Item/Legendary clauses
-3x Fire weakness (4 with Scizor)
-My only Grass move sucks ass.

A little sampling of my free time.
"On July 30, all Crystal movesets will be legal and anyone who says they are illegal are big fat poopy heads." -NickWhiz1

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Farting Nudist
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posted 07-06-2001 11:07 AM      Profile for NickWhiz1   Author's Homepage   Email NickWhiz1   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Just one comment.

NickWak NEEDS the Swords Dance to OHKO those all but 22 Pokemon. Screech can be shrugged off.

But, don't listen to me =/

"Aww, does the poor widdle Death Stawmie need mommie to kiss away its boo-boo?" - White Cat

"Ugh, that's impossible!" - R-2 Rival, after Belly Drum Lax OHKO'd Mewtwo with Double-Edge

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