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Author Topic: Pokemon Stadium color research
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I have received an email from telling me to post here. These are his exact words:


Hi! I am know mainly as Mew seeker at the gamefaqs boards but I am a watcher of the Azure Heights for quite a time (Luiga, the flying fish!) even though I can't post there yet.

[This information is] about pokémon colors in the first Pokémon Stadium.
I have done research on my own, and since I didn't find from the AH boards non-broken link to similar research in pokémon colors, [here is] my contribution to the color research.

First, my theorie (you can skip the paragraph to go to results and things like that!)
I believe that the pokémon name is the main if not only factor to affect the pokémon colors. I also believe that there is two extreme of color in wich the pokemon can be colored. Example: dark and light blue for Lapras. I might be wrong though: there might be no such thing as color extremes. There might be also three of them instead of two (Red/Green/Blue). Finally, I believe that the game add up the values of the letters/symbols of the name and then give the color. I have noticed that there is not much difference between pokémon named with only one letter, even with the Geodude serie.

I have found some names which seems to have an "extreme value". They are "     " and "      ".
In other words, 5 and 6 blank spaces. Two almost equivalent names are MEWTHREE (big caps) and mewtwo (small caps). On Mewtwo, MEWTHREE and his equivalent gives a blue Mewtwo. mewtwo give a purple (pink?) Mewtwo. The best part is that it works on other pokémons too. From what I have seen, and extreme color name work on all pokémons.

The list:
Abra and cie: yellow/green and orange.
(By the way, the "     " names seems to be more extreme than MEWTHREE and mewtwo)
Articuno and Lapras: dark and light blue
(oddly, dark Articuno gives light Lapras and vice-versa)
Bulbasaur and cie: (green and blue)
Clefairy and cie: green and red ears mainly!
Diglett and cie + Eevee: Red and Yellow
Ditto: Blue and Pink (orange?)
Voltorb and cie (red and purple)
Geodude and cie: don't remember but their colors seems to vary a lot: good for testing!
Jigglypuff and cie: vary, but not much. One of the color theme has green eyes.
Kangaskhan: Green(?) and red (Cueball's khangaskhan is one of them!)
Ninetails: Red and green.
Paras and cie: yellow and red.
Porygon: few variations. In fact, one of the extreme seem non existant.
Snorlax: same problem than above, but varies more.


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posted 10-30-2001 08:14 PM      Profile for Atma   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
When I arrived in July 2000, Azurians were finishing upo their discussion of exactly what determines pokemon colors.

You're about fifteen months too late.

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posted 10-31-2001 01:30 PM      Profile for Lark84     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Originally posted by Atma:
When I arrived in July 2000, Azurians were finishing upo their discussion of exactly what determines pokemon colors.

Could you please share that info with us who arrived later? I'm sure that there are many others who'd like to know.

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