Grad Algebra I

Textbook: None. All lecture notes will be posted right here.
Item Date Information
Homework 1
Tues Sept 15 Course Notes
Fundamental Theorem of Galois Theory
Abstract Galois Connections
Posets, Lattices
Homework 2
Thurs Oct 1 Course Notes
Lattices of Subgroups
Categories, Quotients, Products
First Isomorphism Theorem
Semi-Direct Products
Homework 3
Tues Oct 27 Course Notes
2nd, 3rd Isomorphism Theorems
Simple, Solvable Groups
Jordan-Hölder Theorem
Short Exact Sequences
Unsolvability of S_n
Midterm Exam Review Notes
Thurs Oct 29 Total = 30
Average = 22.9
Median = 22.0
St Dev = 4.2
Homework 4
Thurs Dec 3 Course Notes
Functors, Natural Transformations
Why Representation Theory?
Fundamental Theorem of G-Sets
Double Cosets, Bruhat Decomposition
The Class Equation
Sylow's Theorem, Kolchin's Theorem
Epilogue Course Notes
Finite Simple Groups
Finite Abelian Groups
Primitive Root Theorem
Final Exam Review Notes
Thurs Dec 10 2:00-4:30pm