Math Placement Guide

DOMESTIC STUDENTS (freshmen and transfer): Math Placement will be determined by your SAT Math Section Score, your ACT Math Score, or your AP Calculus scores. Students will be eligible to enroll in a specific course if they meet at least one of the criteria indicated in the table below.

SAT Math Section Score
(taken on or after March 2016)
  Math ACT Score   AP Calculus Scores Recommended Course
< 550 or < 22 or N/A MTH099
550 – 590 (BS)
550 – 610 (BA)
or 22 – 24 or N/A MTH101*
600 – 640 or 25 – 27 or N/A MTH107
620 – 720 or 28 – 30 or AP Calc AB = 3 MTH113
(for BA only)
650 – 720 or 28 – 30 or AP Calc AB = 3 MTH140
≥ 730 or ≥ 31 or AP Calc AB = 4
AP Calc BC = 3

Please consult with your UM Academic Advisor regarding the Mathematics requirement for your major and degree program. Also, refer to the University of Miami Academic Bulletin.

If you have any questions regarding your Math Placement you may contact Dr. Leticia Oropesa,

* Students in the School of Music, in a Bachelor of Music program, who wish to be exempt from the MTH101 requirement must place into MTH113 or higher either on the basis of math ACT, math SAT, or AP Calculus score.

** Students in the School of Business, please refer to Math Placement for Business Degrees.